So tired

God I got so little sleep last night. Damn… uh… this. Calc II was difficult to sit through. During Calc I I worked on homework for other classes. I wasn’t expecting an essay in English, but I think I did well. Government was IDP time. William said he e-mailed some TV stations and the such but hasn’t received any responses. God we have so fucking little. Well, my sub-group has nothing. I fuckin’ hate IDP. Rather than go to physics, I went to lunch with Gian, Jaysen, Russell, Kamal, and Joseph. We ran out when Baker came in. After watching Spirit Rally, I hung out with Alex Hurst, Shaun, Antonio, Alex Godinez, Kim, and Jorge. After school actually got out, I hung out with Alex, Kim, and Jorge. We also talked to Fisher about the administration and what not. I like Fisher. And then I went to hang out with Linh-Nam’s robotics gang: Thao, Lisa, Roberto, Jeremy, Brody, and Naomi. Funny bunch. Yay. And Thao pointed out that Naomi backwards is “I moan.” lol. I saw “The Punisher” with Linh-Nam and Thao. It was a fun evening. They’re a cute couple <3 <3 I don't know what time I'm suppose to go to Christine's tomorrow. uh ohz.