Spirit Rally

Spirit Rally was great this year for the most part. ’07 started with a dance to the Austin Powers song. The song is overused, but I assume that ’07 doesn’t know that. They also did a DDR dance, a Matrix dance/fight, and assorted cultural dances. The Matrix part was pretty amusing. There was a Neo v. Smiths scene, as well as a flying fight scene. And by flying, I do mean getting held up.
My favorite class was ’06. They had a skit about the Panthers with Jared as the panther from 40 minutes in the future. They talked about war, battled with TIs, and played Smelly Cat. Phantasma also played “Rock and Roll All Night.” The vocals didn’t seem to go to the song well but the other parts were great.
’05 did a skit and dances in a western theme. And ’04 did a “let’s just assume we’re going to lose and we’ll tell you why we’re all winners anyways.” They did say something about overcoming diversity.