Ace Of Base – [The Sign #12] All That She Wants (Banghra Version)

I think Lewis talks openly too much about things that should remain private. She told a student today that this student needed to come in for study sessions, emphasized that the student was required to do so, and added that the student was failing the class. She needs to take behavior lessons from Maruna.
Maruna asked Claudia where her Sound and Sense book was. Claudia said that she left it in her backpack. Maruna informed her that it was under her desk. I was amused. I also like how Claudia sits in the middle of the classroom, and Maruna noticed within a few seconds. Wilbert sits in the very front and answered questions but went unnoticed for 20 minutes.
Also, Maruna told the class today that when reading sentence-by-sentence, stop reading at the semi-colon. She said that a semi-colon marks the end of a sentence. I was glad.
Fisher said that at a school he used to work at, he found a VHS tape while cleaning out lockers. He recorded political shows over it and gave it to a substitute teacher along with a lesson plan. As it turned out, there was porn on the tape at the end of what he taped. Amazingly, Fisher didn’t lose his job. Yay.