Now I’m confused too like so many other idiot students out there. UOP or UCI? I know that UOP has been my “number one” for a long time, but why? UOP came and talked to my Mechatronics class, and I liked what they had to say. And… um… well I guess my uncle’s brother and sister went there. I don’t even know them, so that’s definitely not the reason, heh. Both schools are going to give me a good education. UOP might give me a slight boost into the field because of the co-op. The UOP name seems a bit better or more “elite” than UCI even though it really isn’t. UCI is in the LA area. This allows me to stay where I know, to stay at the center of so much activity, to stay near my friends. And, uh, my family too y’know. I know friends come and go, but it’s still a plus. Some people say UOP has a nice campus. While it might be “nice,” does it fit me? UCI has a nice campus. I know that. And it does fit me. It seems very comfortable, and I surely see myself happy there. So what’s so special about UOP? What makes it worth going to over UCI? The price to me is the same at both too. So, I’m thinkin’ UCI now. Well, I’m leaning that way anyways. Far that way, heh. Man, this has been really heavily on my mind lately. I started thinking about it a little a few days ago and today I thought about it all day. I was so sure for a while, and then everything just fell apart. Well, it fell apart rationally at least, I think. I know that sometimes people just get scared when the deadline approaches, but this isn’t just that. “This isn’t just that” is a great phrase, isn’t it? I saw Profesora Vogel today walking with Jaysen, and I talked with her for a little while. She recommended I accept both offers of admission and choose later, sacrificing one of the deposits. I hadn’t thought of doing that. I guess I could do that if my mind still isn’t made up come May 1, but I’m thinking UCI. Christine won’t stab me, will she? slkdfjwe my face hurts