Starbucks / College / Suspensions

We went to a different Starbucks today. They wanted to avoid the one we normally goto in case Baker was going to check for us there. Still, all he has to do is check Newman’s class to find that we’re not going. Whatever. When we were about to go, Jon realized that Herbert had the directions to the Starbucks. So after running back to get them, we were on our way. I rode with Jaysen, who followed Russell and Jon. It was kind of funny… Jon and I would stick out to yell back and forth. Jon yelled back that the directions were actually to the normal one, lol, so we had to find our way to another. Luckily for us, it’s quite easy to find a Starbucks. We worked on a crossword puzzle while discussing the end of the world, the Anti-Christ, and free will. It’s a good bunch to hang out with. I enjoy discussing things like that with them. And Jaysen’s sort of random and lame, lol. It was either Joseph or Kamal who noticed that there seems to be a Game Stop next to every Starbucks. Hm…
Oh, and the calculus test was delayed until Monday because we’re all stupid. I’m very glad because I need the extra time.
I talked to Gonzales for a while about UOP/UCI. I definitely think UOP could get me into the industry faster, but I think UCI is more “for me.” I don’t know though.
Also, it seems my permanent record makes no note of the suspensions. Perhaps there’s a second record somewhere or something, but the main record said nothing of it. That’s good.

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