Looking Back

First, I’d like to mention my newest computer problems. Chopsticks’s internal keyboard sort of went crazy today. Sometimes when I’m not touching it, it inserts tons of characters. When I do type, some keys insert a different character / some different characters than it should. Caps lock was turning on and off. Um, just strange weirdness. And it was doing this before Windows loaded, too. I’m using an external keyboard currently. The internal appears to be working again, but I’m skeptical.
I was reading bwaht‘s intro entry today, and it made me think about WebPageless. Funny how long I’ve had the same site. Back in elementary school, my website was simply called “My Site,” or something along those lines. I believe it just had contact information on it. In middle school it became TheUser’s Place and later Game Dimension, I think. This is where it gained a little content. The first real section was a Final Fantasy VII guide. For a very short period of time, it was known as SBCWA. At least, I think it was. I’m less sure of this than the others. It was an acronym having to do with the Internet. It can be translated to “Web Site Made by a Kid Who Wants to Be a Hacker.” Granted, I changed its name quickly. I think it went back to TheUser’s Place. It was during my freshman year at CAMS that it became WebPageless, not just in name, but also in feeling and content (not that it lacked a web page). It had one true section, Monthly Stuff, and a few small other sections, such as Contact Information. I was using frames to have two side navbars and a center main frame. I registered WebPageless.com with namezero, but that went away. Version two (not versiontwo.org…) of WebPageless had frames removed and was difficult to navigate. The use of SSI and tables to create the current look marked version three. This was also when I introduced the Fuzzy Journal, I believe. It started as a joke. I thought Live Journals were incredibly stupid and wanted to make my own mock lj. Needless to say, I ended up liking the idea, although now I wish I had content other than a journal. Version four of WebPageless is very new. I considered WebPageless to be in version four when Movable Type was used. Monthly Stuff was sort of ripped into pieces with things now in their own categories. It’s funny that Fuzzy Journal was a joke and now is the main part of the site. Funny and sad, I should say. There are, of course, other sections, such as reviews, comments on events, the art sections, quotes, article links, and information about me and my accomplishments. WebPageless seems more and more pointless as I write this entry, but I don’t mean to sound depressed or anything. I love WebPageless, my bloated journal. Hanah called it a “hub” of CAMS sites or something along those lines. She said that its best feature / one of its best features is its links to all the other CAMS sites. I suppose the Quotes section is part of that, too. WebPageless will probably take a severe hit after CAMS is no longer in my life. Well, we’ll see.
Thanks Antonio for giving me stuff to talk about early on, lol, and for understanding HTML so I could talk to you about it. Thanks Alex. ElbowHead, may it rest in peace, pushed me to work on WebPageless. Thanks Ryo. I learned of extremetracking.com from you. The whole Version Two – Purple Savant and Concrete Abstractions – Sentilog inspired the Fuzzy Journal spin off from Monthly Stuff. Karp, off defending our country, thanks for helping me with the layout and with SSI. Linh-Nam… thanks for the Movable Type help. For those of you who don’t know, he had (and still has) my main account password. I eventually just asked him to log in and help me get it working. Thanks to anyone else who has helped me.
And thanks to all the people that have such crappy lives that they find the time to read WebPageless.
I’ll go tell Jaysen I’m done updating now. =D