CAMS Fest (Edited)

CAMS Fest was pretty fucking cool. I hope they continue to have them even though I won’t be around to see them. It started off a bit slow, but I still like the idea of giving the not-so-great musicians a chance to perform in the show as well. The first thing of interest was an air guitar contest in which Almeida participated. It was pretty cool. Well, he was pretty cool anyways.
The actual good music started when Motherly played. Er, mediocre music, I should say. And I checked; it’s still in my profile. Motherly and Phantasthma were the only good groups. I like Motherly a lot more than Phantasthma though. I turned on my recording of it to check the quality and it’s still playing just because I want to listen. They played some songs I had heard before and some new ones. It was all really good. It was hard to hear the lyrics sometimes though, which sucks because I like Gian’s singing. I could hardly hear the lyrics at all in Feigned GP (at least that’s what the mp3 was called), and I could only “hear” the lyrics because I already heard it.
Phantasthma played after Motherly. They’re good, but I don’t like them as much as Motherly, and they’re way too full of themselves. It seems to me that Phantasthma is trying to fit a cliche rather than just play music. Danny’s younger brother played with them at one point. Man, that kid tries way too hard. He did have talent, but he’s not teh greatast rock star ever in the world omg!!11!. And a girl had an “I (heart) Phantasthma” shirt on. Heh. Nevertheless, they are a good band. Danny plays the keyboard during parts of songs, which I like. Not that the keyboard is the only good aspect of them. They play good music. Anyways, moving on…
Between Motherly and Phantasthma, Osvaldo played. He has real talent, it’s just too bad he didn’t have a band, lol. At one point, Danny and Osvaldo slid their guitars onto their backs, leaned over eachother, and played the other’s guitar. That was pretty cool.
Everyone who didn’t attend really missed out. This was far better than Holidays Around the World, Talent Show, Dance Show, Spirit Rally, etc. Hopefully I’ll get it encoded soon. Right Chris? Thanks.
Edit: I like how I didn’t mention Matthew. And by like, I mean don’t like. Sorry. Matt sang with Motherly for one (was it just one?) song. When he first started, I thought he wasn’t very good. Then I kept listening. Matt was really good. The style was much different than Motherly’s other songs, and I thought it was cool that they performed together. Hopefully I’ll see Matt perform again.

7 thoughts on “CAMS Fest (Edited)

  1. Jen

    Osvaldo kinda has a band… they just don’t all attend CAMS. The Shades of Black perform for our church fiesta sometimes.

  2. kamal

    Good Review. I hope to have more events before the year is over. We need better advertising so we can get alot of people to go.

  3. TU

    Can’t get much more “gangsta” and real… keeping it… than Matthew. Come on, he’s black even. REAL black.

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