Twenty-seven more days of school

The calculus test wasn’t too bad. The only problem I really screwed up on was integral(arccot(x)dx). I did integration by parts, using arccot(x) as u and 1 as dv. Differentiating u gave me -1/(1+x^2)^(1/2) and integrating 1dx gave me x. I wasn’t sure how to integrate (-1/(1+x^2)^(1/2))xdx, so I just copied the formula off of my note sheet, which was xarccot(x) + 0.5ln(abs(x^2 + 1)) + C. I didn’t draw a triangle though at all. I’ll still get okay credit.
In Calc 1, Chris was absent and Brooke sat with Judy at some other table. This meant Jaysen and I were alone, and this meant we were sad. I was literally bouncing though when I discovered that was up. Happy happy.
Soon it was off to… physics. Right, anyways when Herbert pulled up he couldn’t make the turn into the parking space so he got out and let Kamal park his car. We thought it was pretty hilarious. Sorry, Sir. Wilbert was telling us about Antoinette pushing Heather down a few years ago. Antoinette hit Wilbert, and Wilbert then jokingly tried to pay different girls $1 to hit her back. Heather said she’d do it for free and pushed Antoinette. Antoinette pushed Heather back, causing her to stumble backwards through the doors of the SAC, fall to the ground, and roll a few times. That’s pretty amusing.
And apparently Andrei had a pretend gf once. He made a screen name and then talked to people while pretending to be his own girl friend. tisk tisk Andrei, only you’re that lame, haha.
When Jaysen and I were pulling up to a parking space at CAMS, the person in the car next to the space open their car door. We waited patiently, and it turned out to be Ms. Carl