Twenty-six more days of high school

First off, I have no homework tonight. Fuck you school. I win this time. Does that mean I’ll get eight hours of sleep or more tonight? I’m doubtful.
Looking through my old notes, I found something of [very] slight interest. Ms. Maruna called Anthony and Jimmy the “Bopsy Twins.” Right.
Filer entered Fisher’s room today and asked for the date of yearbook distribution. She said that the district needed it. Fisher jokingly said June 15. Filer thanked him and started to leave. Everyone busted up laughing. No one pointed out that June 15 was after graduation, but Fisher gave her a more realistic date.
Shirin wants to meet Thursday after school with me to go over and… finish up (I think)… the financial projections for IDP. Um, finish up? I’m still waiting for the updated figures damn it, lol. Whatever. I guess it’s okay for her to be closer to me in this because I’m not actually in the wrong.
Barnes said that if we don’t dress Thursday, he’s going to drop us from the class or fail us. He claimed he told us last week. Wtf? I know he didn’t tell us. I didn’t attend school Tuesday, and Thursday I ditched Team Sports. I don’t understand why we have to carry clothes around all day when we don’t do anything anyways. I guess it’s better than having to do stuff though.
My mom’s coming over at 7 o’clock tonight to go look at tuxs and have dinner. She said we could go to Red Lobster or Black Angus for dinner. Good.
Pete sent me Hearts in Atlantis and a t-shirt. The shirt says “Windows XP” on the front and “Security” on the back. Under the word “Security” there’s a security logo with the XP colors. Coolness.