Crazy Starbucks Allahh Racing Part II

First, read the bwaht post about the adventure. Then read Kamal’s.
To emphasize:
The main reason for this entry is to get people to read the bwaht post. But I also want to mention something in response to Kamal’s lj post.
“…I drove very calmy and maturely on the way to starbucks, however, i drove a little crazier on the way back…”
A little crazier? Kamal, you’re a fuckin’ psycho man, haha. Some of the things you did were just stupid. Jaysen, Wilbert, and I were cracking up when you switched back and forth between lanes a few times on Sepulveda. Then on Carson you tried to merge into another fucking car… in an interesection, I might add.
“…I cut off only one person (russell), despite the protests of all the witnesses in cars that were in front of me = /…”
More than one person… and almost into one, lol.
“…and kinda raced back to CAMS. I was under the impression that we were all racing so yeah…”
While we knew that Russell wasn’t racing, we were under the impression that we were racing too. And that’s why we beat you! pwnd! And actually Wilbert kept trying to give Jaysen lessons on how to race. Valenjoi actually got back first though. lol
In summary: :-* Kamal.

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