IDP, Starbucks, Movie Night, UCI

Jaysen and I met with Shirin to talk about IDP. I guess her parents worked out all of our figures. All I need to do is the write up and the graphs. That’s cool I guess. I’m going to send it to her by Saturday night.
After IDP, Jaysen and I sought Herbert. We printed and passed out some surveys for him and then dragged him to Starbucks with us. I had a chocolate
brownie frappuccino while relaxing and talking. Our money got all mixed up. I guess I owe Herbert two dollars.
Then I went to Movie Night hosted by Yearbook. I made Jaysen go with me too. At the door, Fisher said it was $25. I said “so… by $25, you mean $3, right?” He just laughed and agreed. They were playing School of Rock, but I was more interested in relaxing with friends. We found Judy and hung out with her the whole time. Fun stuff man.
I decided to go ahead and finally do it. So um, I’m an anteater now. Go UCI? I accepted, applied for housing, and accepted all financial aid. I think that’s all I have to do at this point. Someone let me know if I’m mistaken.
Should I go to that party Ian’s been pushing? I’ll have to find a ride and two dollars tomorrow. Looking into a tux on Saturday afternoon.
No homework tonight. Four hour English finals aren’t all bad it seems. ^^;;