Twenty-four more days of school

Lan said that some people play basketball during physics. That means that they’re right outside of the administration building and ditching class. Maybe Baker doesn’t care as much.
I like how Gian claimed that he wasn’t missing his Sound and Sense book. He said that he just left it at home. I guess he didn’t realize that Ms. Maruna already had his book. Nancy read “nowhere” as “now here.” Wilbert and I kept laughing throughout the period.
Achala and Shirin took notes in Fisher’s today during that PowerPoint presentation. I swear, they try too hard. Robby made sound effects for Fisher because his sound wasn’t working. It was pretty funny. He did explosions and stuff. And Eloka thought that Watergate was the name of the front gate at the White House.
Today on the way to lunch May approached me. She introduced herself saying that I didn’t know her even though I did. She pointed out her friend and said that they wanted to borrow my backpack. I think by backpack she was referring to my laptop case. I asked her what she wanted it for, and then she requested my jacket, shoes, or sunglasses instead. I kept asking her what she wanted them for. She said “oh, so that’s a no then?” I told her that it wasn’t a no, but that I wanted to know what she wanted my stuff for. She took that as a no. Sort of confusing. I bet they were trying to see how many people they could get to give them stuff or something. Oh well.