English Final Day

I think the final went okay. I didn’t really like the essays though. I couldn’t remember Cassio’s name when writing about Othello, but it eventually came to me.
Herbert’s lab group was in the counselling center. He said that Robby now goes to lab to listen to directions and such when they’re not there. That’s pretty sad.
While standing around by the vending machines with Shaun, Matthew, and Anthony, some shirtless dude came walking from around the gym towards that vending machine near the front of the gym. He was only wearing shorts, he was hairy, and he was very ugly. We just started cracking up, and I think he noticed. I guess the vending machine didn’t work because he turned towards us. Matthew ran into the SAC the rest of us just continued talking. The ugly dude came up to use the vending machines. We got really silent, trying to hold in our laughter. Matthew came out thinking he had gone and just walked right past us. I asked him if he wanted to stay and talk. He walked around the corner and then began laughing. Finally the ugly guy left. God damn it was funny. And someone was talking about Andrei. He said that Andrei doesn’t like blacks, but basically wants to be black. There were some funny impersonations of him too.
I hung out with Jaysen, Herbert, and Robby for a while. We had a tic-tac-toe tournament, and I did my graduation speech impressions. I talked with them for a while, wandered around, and then talked with Anthony while waiting for my dad. Now it is weekend. I like weekend.