Weird Dream, Day with Mom and Pete

I had a dream the other night that I was inside some RPG. I needed to get a serial/key for something from my ex. I went to see her and found her living in a truck with her family. It was really white trashy, and everyone was stupid so I ran away. Then I was with my dad. The RPG was about some sort of gay-political-leader-run conspiracy. And there were rainbow colored whips (used as weapons).
Mom and Pete took me to get fitted for a tux and to pay the rental fee yesterday. Afterwards we went to Souplantation for lunch. They gave me my allowance and a gift card to Starbucks for no reason. Then we went to Fry’s where they bought me a printer ^^ I showed him the other laptop, and he said he’d look into what kind of discount he can get on it. He also said that if we do some big blimp-dressed-as-Allah thing on the Muslims, we should call it Allah-palooza.
Oh and I watched a movie called A Mother’s Fight for Justice last night about a mother fighting against a drunk driver who hit her son, making him mentally disabled. Good movie.