19 more days of high school

I only did the first couple problems out of the 15-or-so we had assigned. I did the first part of the Presidential roles worksheet. I have a study guide for the test but haven’t looked at it yet. I’m looking forward to school ending. I have to go to physics today because it’s the last class before the test. I’ll have to go Monday too to take the test and Wednesday and Friday to prepare for the final. Monday’ll be our last lab. We need to make up the mirrors/lenses lab. There’s calculus homework through Wednesday, but then there will be no more calculus homework. The Saturday after next week is prom and Christine’s birthday. The Wednesday following is the physics final, and that Friday is the business convention. Then we have a week that as of now is stress-free. That is followed by a three-day week with graduation on Thursday. I need to do a lot of calculus this weekend and read a lot of physics. Sunday’s Mother’s Day. I hope something fun and relaxing happens this weekend too.