Monday / Tuesday

I was very tired yesterday. I would have slept at an okay time if Roda wasn’t online, but she’s interesting to talk to. Anyways, during Calculus II I thought about studying for the physics test but decided to do little/nothing instead. Jaysen worked on his study guide during Calculus I, so I figured I’d copy his when he was done and played Warfare Incorporated. During break I started to copy Jaysen’s study guide but talked to Jon instead.
I was leaning towards not going to the test, but I wanted a copy of the test. We decided to show up, take the tests, and leave but then changed to plan to include taking the test and just guessing for everything. I photocopied Jaysen’s study guide anyways just to use to study off of, and then we went to physics. Joseph came too, and Joseph, Jon, and myself guessed on all the multiple choice, filled in crap on the three free response, and turned in the tests. Newman came out after us and asked us what we were doing. She told us to take the test even if we’re not prepared. We informed her that we weren’t prepared at all and have grades high enough to make this test not matter. She said that it looked like we were about to go to an interview and if we had somewhere to be we were free to go.
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The three of us walked to KFC where I spent $10, and then I had to get back to physics lab. Linda had finished the one that was due that day. We worked on our make up lab, the lens and mirrors lab. I mentioned to Cheryl that my “dream team” would be Imai and Wiley. And then Imai came in to the room, and both Wiley and Imai helped us work on the lab. It was amazing. Sexually. Imai told me to make a rays diagram, and I told him that I wasn’t familiar with that term. He told me that it would be on my next test. I thought about it for a few seconds before realizing that it was probably on the test from that day, and I just wouldn’t know anything about it.
I walked around for a while, talking with Ian and some underclassman who seems to be involved with dance. He was pretty cool, but I have no clue who he is. I then went to the theater with Gemma and Antonio where I finally beat Warfare Incorporated. I still have the challenge missions to play, and I can try it on hard mode. There was an underclassman there with his girlfriend talking to some drama people. He started rubbing her ass, which we immaturely commented on to eachother but really wasn’t anything. Then the guy started pushing his hands between her ass cheeks and squeezing pretty hard. It was pretty funny. We kept laughing (and I crossed my legs). When they left we yelled “bye” and “thank you.” I don’t know if they understood or not.
I went to the cafeteria to eat with Andrei, and we talked to Javier on the phone. We’re gonna go see him after school on Thursday, and we discussed taking a Microsoft Certified Professional test.
After finding Herbert, he took William and me to Starbucks where I bought an expresso brownie and a venti strawberries and creme frappaccino. I had never had that drink before, and it was pretty good. When we got back, we headed to the theater. I sat in the second row with Ryo, Genevieve, Linh-Nam, Christine, Xavier, Cheryl, Gian, and David Hoang. I enjoyed watching a lot, but I won’t discuss the play here because it will have its own post tonight/tomorrow. After intermission, Christine and Xavier left, but Alex took their place. When it was over, people came out on stage as always. When Chris came out, I screamed like crazy. It hurt my voice.
Linh-Nam offered to drive me from the theater to the SACs. It was quite the adventure. Linh-Nam noticed a spider hanging between him and the steering wheel. He pulled back from it, but it fell on to his chair. He scooted to the left, I scooted to the right, and we were both laughing. It started walking around and we both squirmed to stay away from it while still driving (slowly through the parking lot). Later I pointed at his lap and yelled “there it is.” He jumped. Fun times.
It was 1:30 by the time I showered and finished my exploration so I just went to bed. I did the first problem of the calculus homework in the car on the way to school this morning and got it stamped as incomplete. I’ll do it later. I brought a calculus book today so I can work on homework after school.
Although I brought the book, I found out that Roda’s staying today for the show too, so I’m going to see what she’s up to after school and go with her and her friends (if that’s cool with everyone at the time). I also pointed out to Maruna that Roda’s name tag said “Rodo.” She laughed and said that she was still Roda.
Okay, more later.