Fifteen more days of high school

Very tired. I slept duing Calc II and talked during Calc I. God Matthew is funny. I lovez him. We worked on IDP during break, and then I slept. I got a 7 out of 19 on my physics test, beating both Joseph and Jon. Hahz! We went to Starbucks again where I used up my gift card. Russell took off while Jaysen was in the bathroom in order to beat him back. I went with him because, well, I wanted to win! TAing for Gonzales was fun. He’s going to talk to his wife about getting me a job building computers over the summer. And I’m going with Andrei tomorrow to see Javier. It’d be cool to get that MCP this summer. I have to go pick up my tux tomorrow after hanging out with Andrei and Javier. Dad okayed me going to a friend’s after prom. I installed Docs to go finally on my Clie. And 152 found Jane Eyre mp3s for me! Okay. Bye.