School, Physics, Condoms, Lynx

Calculus II was average today. During English, Wilbert and I argued with Russell. He didn’t believe us that the United States controls the weather with machines. He still thinks nature is responsible for the weather. Hah! During government I hung out in Ramey’s with “muh peepz.” Shaun came to Spanish again, and Bravo talked to him and let him to stay. I couldn’t stopped giggling at the new vocabulary word “negar.” During team sports, we played tennis again, which was pretty funny. I tried using two rackets today. And Alex got hit in the head with a tennis ball. Accidently, sure…
Physics grades were posted. I have 100% in the class without lab or final. That’s pretty cool. I can’t not pass the class at this point. I probably won’t, but I’d like to study optics over the summer.
Javier couldn’t meet today, so we’re going to meet after school Monday.
I guess the idea of prom triggered a father algorithm in my dad because he decided to talk to me about how condoms can fail and told me to take some Saturday. It wasn’t a big talk luckily. While talking about prom, he said “you better bring some rubbers.” I told him that I don’t carry condoms for the off chance that I have sex. He then told me that they don’t always work and that he’ll buy me some tomorrow.
It seemed a bit odd to me. I know that stereotypically a lot guys think prom is the night they have to have sex, but I don’t think that’s really the case. I’m not looking to have sex at all. Besides, I don’t see the chances of having sex much higher during prom than any other time. It was kind of funny, but I don’t mind. I’ll take ’em if he wants me to, and I’m obviously not embarrassed about the conversation.
I tried batteries I knew to be good in my Lynx, and it wouldn’t turn on. I guess it’s dead. =(
There’s no homework tonight. I plan the following:

  • Finish Excel sheet for final lab
  • Send lab sheet to Cheryl
  • Collect calculus assignments for Jon
  • Make notes sheet for calculus test
  • Write review of Jane Eyre