Prom / David’s Party

I was really amazed to attend the CAMS prom. I hadn’t expected to make it to prom. I hadn’t expected to graduate. Only two weeks left.
Taking photos with friends took a lot longer than expected, but eventually Alex drove me to prom. It was a lot of fun, but I still don’t understand why it took so long to plan. Kamal and Russell were paid to take pictures together. I hadn’t intended to nor thought I’d dance, but Gemma asked me to once. I also danced with Herbert. Pictures will be up when I have more time. (You’d think I’d have a lot of time now.) Besides the pasta, the food wasn’t all that great. The pasta had some tasty sauce on it. At least, I thought the sauce was for the pasta. Perhaps it wasn’t. Tasty nevertheless.
The DJ would announce the Laker game scores periodically. I wasn’t interested, but I thought it was pretty cool that he did it. During “Who Let the Dogs Out,” Murat barked along with the song. That guy is amazing. His dancing was pretty cool too. Matthew Polichetti was there “dancing.” The guy can play DDR (doesn’t really look good doing it though), but his dancing was pretty scary. If anyone has pictures /video clips of him dancing, I’d like them.
Cheryl was prom queen, and David was prom king. I was/am very pleased with the results. I have pictures of that, too. I’ll post eventually.
David’s after party was pretty cool. Some stuff happened I rather not talk about, but it was very fun. VJ was pretty hilarious, and I met Joel, who’s cool. He told Brannon that he was pretty cool for a black guy, or something along those lines, lol. The homophobic tendencies of some people were funny, as was the guy who pissed on the dishwasher in the kitchen. I slept on David’s living room carpet for a few hours and went home around 11.

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