Monthly Archives: May 2004

18 more days of high school

Calculus II, Calculus I, and English were normal. The Government test was easier than I thought it would be. We went to physics and got the practice test. Then I went to Starbucks with Russell, Jon, Joseph, and Kamal. I got a grande java chip frappaccino and a cinnamon roll. Then we went back to CAMS for lunch. I ate with Shaun, Kamal, and Antonio. After wandering around for a bit, I went to Jack-in-the-Box with Andrei and Christian where I got a large strawberry soda. After more wandering around at CAMS, I found Jaysen and we decided to go back to Starbucks. Robby went with us. This time I got a venti java chip frappaccino. Entonces fui a la fiesta de espa

19 more days of high school

I only did the first couple problems out of the 15-or-so we had assigned. I did the first part of the Presidential roles worksheet. I have a study guide for the test but haven’t looked at it yet. I’m looking forward to school ending. I have to go to physics today because it’s the last class before the test. I’ll have to go Monday too to take the test and Wednesday and Friday to prepare for the final. Monday’ll be our last lab. We need to make up the mirrors/lenses lab. There’s calculus homework through Wednesday, but then there will be no more calculus homework. The Saturday after next week is prom and Christine’s birthday. The Wednesday following is the physics final, and that Friday is the business convention. Then we have a week that as of now is stress-free. That is followed by a three-day week with graduation on Thursday. I need to do a lot of calculus this weekend and read a lot of physics. Sunday’s Mother’s Day. I hope something fun and relaxing happens this weekend too.

Da United States of Atweena

Government was kind of interesting today. We got into seven groups, each representing a country. Two countries were at war. Each of these countries had to convince other countries to ally with themselves. I was the leader of one of the warring countries. All other countries allied with us, and we decided to remove all borders, becoming Da United States of Atweena, run by a council with equal representation from all states, including the original enemy. Jon put the “Da” in there just to differentiate us from the true USA, lol. Fisher said that in no other class did Atweena win, in no other class did one side get all countries, in no other class were all borders removed, and it would never work in real life.
Fun stuff.

Tech Guys

I forgot to mention than Jon and I were called to Maruna’s to be intereviewed for an article about CAMS techies. Seemed a bit strange, lol. They took our picture with Andrei huddled over a monitor and then asked us both questions.

Variable Address

Because of the way redirects, I have to use absolute links. This means that while offline, I have to edit my source, changing to I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, but I now in place of each address in my source, I have an SSI include to a single file that contains the site address. With this, I can change the address of the site by just changing the one line of the one file.

Kamal eats ice cream while pooping

Today was the crappy continuation of yesterday.
We got new seats in Calculus II. I sit with Valerie, Camille, Eloka, and Alex of course (lol). Good group. I got a 95% on my test, which comes to 102% with the extra credit, and I was the only person to get the hard problem.
There was some leaked information, but everything worked okay with a small change in plans.
Next week is the make-up lab. Then, no more labs! That’s such a tiring class.
Starbucks gift cards make life cheaper. =D Kamal denies it, but it seems he brings ice cream to the bathroom with him…

Weird Dream, Day with Mom and Pete

I had a dream the other night that I was inside some RPG. I needed to get a serial/key for something from my ex. I went to see her and found her living in a truck with her family. It was really white trashy, and everyone was stupid so I ran away. Then I was with my dad. The RPG was about some sort of gay-political-leader-run conspiracy. And there were rainbow colored whips (used as weapons).
Mom and Pete took me to get fitted for a tux and to pay the rental fee yesterday. Afterwards we went to Souplantation for lunch. They gave me my allowance and a gift card to Starbucks for no reason. Then we went to Fry’s where they bought me a printer ^^ I showed him the other laptop, and he said he’d look into what kind of discount he can get on it. He also said that if we do some big blimp-dressed-as-Allah thing on the Muslims, we should call it Allah-palooza.
Oh and I watched a movie called A Mother’s Fight for Justice last night about a mother fighting against a drunk driver who hit her son, making him mentally disabled. Good movie.