Monthly Archives: June 2004

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

I was expecting this movie to be entertaining, but it was much better than I thought it would be. Dodgeball was very funny and a lot of randomness that I love. For instance, Steve the Pirate is… a pirate. Why? I don’t know, but I guess the movie would have felt a little pirateless without his character. I really like Ben Stiller, and he played his roll wonderfully. I’m also a fan of Vince Vaugn, who did well in Dodgeball.
If you see this movie, which you should, stick around after the credits. A fat Ben Stiller plays with his tits. Good stuff.

Lan, Gemma

On Monday, Gemma cancelled on seeing a movie with me. We were gonna go yesterday. She said she had to buy a hermit crab. We rescheduled, but I talked to her last night, and she hadn’t yet bought it. I went to Lan’s yesterday where we attempted to burn a DVD. Her computer kept seeing my blanks as audio CDs… the other two computers there saw them fine though. She’s going to try to borrow a hub and ethernet from someone. Hopefully that works out for her. It was fun just talking to her though.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Volume 1

This manga was created after the seriers, and from what I understand, has not yet been completed. The graphics are excellent and have a lot of detail. The story goes pretty in-depth, and parts of the plot are more obvious in the manga than the anime. It’s stuck pretty close to the anime, although some things are different, and more details have been slipped in like I said. The writers probably didn’t want people quite as confused when reading the manga as viewers of the series were. NGE has been very good so far.

Love Hina Volume 1

The manga is similar to the series but different enough to keep me very interested. The plot makes more sense in the manga as well. By the end of the first volume, the girls of the house have just accepted him. I’ve heard that this manga is excellent and contains a huge amount of story left out of the anime. So far, that’s been true.

Midori no Hibi Anime & Manga Volume 1

After watching just Midori no Hibi episode 1, I wrote that “It’s a very strange series. Sawamura is a tough guy and a high school student who loves fighting but always defends the weak and right. He’s never had a girl friend and has asked out twenty girls, getting rejected each time. One evening, while complaining about only having his right hand as a lover, he finds than in place of a right hand he now has a girl, Midori, on his arm. She claims to have loved him for years. At first Sawamura is frightened and angry, but he warms up to her.
I just finished watching the series, and I thought it was very good. The plot is obviously built on something rather stupid, setting the light, comedic tone of the series. The sound and music was good, and the visuals were great, especially many of the backgrounds. I’ve loved the intro since I first saw it.
Throughout the series, Sawamura gets closer and closer to Midori, but his true feelings aren’t realized until the final episode. I was pleased with the ending, however, the final scene seemed anti-climatic. What happened wasn’t, but the way it was portrayed was. I really enjoyed the series though. If you like light, comedic romances (it was more a comedic than romantic), then you shouild like this.
The first volume of the manga was also entertaining, although I like the anime much more. The chapters are very short. The sereis covered incidents much more in-depthly than the manga. Much more happened in the series as well. I’m hoping that these other incidents will be in later volumes. It seems to me that the manga will pick up after it begins to describe events that aren’t in the series. I’ll see soon.

Aishiteru ze Baby 12

Everything really does seem fixed with Yuzuyu! However, is Kokoro jealous? It appears there’s something to look forward to next week.
And Kippei’s teacher is IMAI! ZOMG! That teacher must be awesome with a name like IMAI! Okay, I’m done. This series is still great.

Midori no Hibi Days 12

The series was so good! Days 12 was a great episode with some major turning points. I hope the next episode has been released. I’ll find out today at Dev’s. The “next episode” portion at the end of Days 12 said “Last Days” and “Our Days.” I guess that means the next episode is the last. sdghsodvjhjkdslfnhskdfh I want it.

It’s hot

God, it’s so hot. I took a little fold up table outside to use my computer on the porch. I guess there’s no real reason to be in the house except that now I have to see a bunch of neighbors whom I don’t like and who don’t like me. I just talked to Homer for a while about assorted stuff. He’s going to leave at the end of July before Jamie’s mother moves in. It’s so hot during summer. I get so sweaty and stinky, and showering doesn’t really help because I’ll get that way again within a half hour of showering. Hopefully staying on the porch will help. They won’t begin the activation process for out DSL until they ship us the modem even though we already have one. They don’t have any modems in. Because they don’t consider weekends, we won’t have Internet access until a week from this Monday at the earliest. I hope to upload these .txts to a site and redirect to it sometime soon. Perhaps I can do it at Dev’s if I go there this weekend. My dad’s so annoying. He gets mad over the lamest reasons. Hopefully, I’ll go somewhere this weekend.
I started cleaning my room a little. It’s clean enough to access one desk now at least. I put my amp, two monitors, Chopsticks, and keyboard and mouse for Lambcow on it. There’s also a spot for Zot. Lambcow won’t boot. She just beeps at me. I only tried booting once though, and I haven’t begun to look over her again. It’s just too hot.

Hanging Out With Gonzales

For a while, Gonzales and I have been planning to get together, but something always seems to come up. He wanted to buy a graduation dinner, and we were gonna look at buying and building some computers for his wife’s lab. Yesterday we finally managed to be free on the same days. I went down to CAMS where we hung out in his room, looked at his computer (he wants to upgrade his too) and made a list of what we needed to get. Then we went to Fry’s to begin pricing the lab computers and to buy some new hardware for his computer. He surprised me by buying a mobo, 2.4 GHz P4, and 512 MB of RAM as a graduation gift! ^__^ It was very cool. Lambcow should be back up soon! After pricing everything we needed to and picking up some hardware, we headed back to his place to drop off the stuff and then went out to dinner. We ate a Korean barbecue place. It was so tasty, lol. I’m still stuffed. Plus, there were a lot of asian girls there! Wow, it’s 4:08 now. I sort of took some breaks during the writing of this entry.

No More ISP, Fallen Chopsticks

It seems my dad failed to tell me that we were $150 behind in our Earthlink bill. As of 1:00ish this morning, we no longer have an ISP. We’re probably not going to reactivate Earthlink. Verizon has a DSL / cell phone / Direct TV package that it looks like we’ll get. From sign up, it takes five days to activate, and we’re not signing up today. If we were to sign up Friday, I’d have Internet access on Wednesday if weekends are counted. It seems funny to write this because by the time anyone reads this on WebPageless everything will be okay again.
I’m going to continue making entries despite WebPageless being down. I’m also writing in notepad because my intranet doesn’t seem to be working either, lol. I can’t get Zot to see Chopsticks. This might be due to the router in the middle, but I really don’t know.
I knocked Chopsticks down last night. When I picked her up a half hour or so later, I noticed that her screen was cracked multiple times. The screen already didn’t work though. However, it was off. I turned it back on. It turned back off a few minutes later. I really thought I broke Chopsticks for good. Yeah, later I noticed that her brick got unplugged. Electronics need electricity. Stupid me.