Graduation & Grad Nite


I can’t believe high school is over. I’m so happy yet so sad. CAMS and specifically the Class of 2004 were great. I’ll miss everyone so much. I can’t think of a seque from the introduction into the actual review so I’ll just start. Orchestra was horrible. I think that if the CAMS orchestra is unable to perform well, which is the case, then a band should be hired or live music should not be used. Chorus wasn’t great but was okay. It was at least made up of seniors so even if they were horrible too, I’d be more okay with them performing. The speakers who weren’t CAMS students weren’t very good. They simply talked about themselves. Some high-ranking official from LBUSD gave a nice speech about how she was poor and black. I don’t care if she was poor and black but isn’t now. After everyone said the Pledge of Allegiance, Jasmine sang the national anthem. I know I’ve said it before, but wow. She has such a beautiful voice and sings amazingly. I wish I knew the words to be more descriptive. I’ve never had the national anthem stuck in my head before.
Shirin was the first CAMS student to give a speech. It sounded pretty weird because she was trying very hard to pronounce things correctly. Her speech centered around the Titans and unity within the class. I really get tired of hearing that crap. I love the Class of 2004, and I associate with the Class of 2004. However, I don’t associate with the word “titan.” It’s just some stupid mascot. I will never think of myself as a “titan,” only as a member of the Class of 2004.
Kimberly gave the second speech. I can’t remember specifics about it, but I remember that I enjoyed it. It seemed natural and didn’t piss me off. Not pissing me off is always a plus in my mind. Calvin gave the third speech. It was about black people, equality, etc. My family complained about it later. Moving on.
I didn’t like having to stop on stage. I didn’t know what to do. I just sort of stopped and looked confused. Shaking hands with Clark was interesting. It was a little awkward, and I pretended to be horrified by it later. It was nice to be able to shake her hand and graduate though.
CAMS didn’t make major fuck ups though. Good for us/them. When walking in, I didn’t notice my family until they called out to me after I walked past them. I did notice Cheryl’s dad right away though, who said hello to me, and I waved to him. Barnes was controlling stage traffic by telling people when to go. Alex said that he wants to meet with us later (tomorrow possibly) for lunch. Yay. When filing out, I saw Nick’s mom. I didn’t recognize her at first but said hello and apologized to her for not recognizing her later. I said hello to Hanah’s family and hugged Avi. Speaking of hugs, I like them. I also hugged Brooke, Cheryl, Gian, Gemma, and got assorted other hugs and kisses while keeping myself composed. I guess I only breakdown when I’m alone.
Grad Nite

It pissed me off that Disneyland had to frisk everyone, but I suppose it was for our own safety. I had a shitload of stuff on me as always, but everything went smoothly. The attractions there really do suck though. They’d be alright if the lines were much shorter. I spent most of the evening with Alex, Darnell, and Shaun. I would have preferred to spend with other people as well. I don’t mean to say I didn’t enjoy spending time with this group. I was just hoping that I’d get to spend time with people whom I didn’t think I’d see often this summer.
We spent a lot of time just listening to music. Disneyland’s sound system is fucking amazing. I love music. Sadly, most of the park was playing hip-hop. There are a few hip-hop songs I like but not many. Club Buzz had a live band playing named Toe Head. They were pretty good but rather pop-rockish. I’m not good with genres so I have difficulty describing this. I’d like to say that I didn’t like how “mainstream” they sounded, but it seems weird that I wouldn’t like something just for being mainstream. I guess it’s just that I don’t like what happens to be considered mainstream. Anyways, when the band wasn’t playing, they played trance/techno. Basically, they crippled good songs. I almost heard Sweet Child of Mine, but they “effed that shit up.” I slept a little during the techno.
The four of us went to the wrong parking lot and spent a lot of time there searching for the busses. We thought we were late when we arrived at the correct parking lot. Luckily for us, the busses were late as well. Unluckily for us, they ended up being an hour late. Everyone ended up sitting on the ground in the parking lot half asleep or in some cases, fully asleep. When we finally got back to CAMS, I didn’t really notice any emotional good-byes. Everyone was probably too tired.
And so end CAMS. <3 T_T