Alex’s Party / Achala’s Party

Alex’s Graduation Party

Dev and I arrived late, but at least we arrived. There was a tasty dinner of ribs, baked potatoes, and salad. It was fun just hanging out with a couple friends. Chris Gaydosh seemed interested in computers. I think that’s why he’s stared at me previously. Everytime he was doing that, I was with a computer. Some people went swimming while I watched and talked with Andrew. I enjoyed talking with him. He seems like a cool guy, and I like that he was pretty mellow.
After the party was basically over, Dev, Alex, and I hung out in Alex’s room. We listened to music and watched weird videos. I sang Stairway to Heaven, reversed it, and found that it did contain Satanic messages. However, when I flipped the real song, I did hear the Satanic verse. I fooled around with reversing some other songs, too. Fun stuff.
There, happy Dev?
Achala’s Birthday and Graduation Party

Achala’s party was a lot of fun. Alex and I bought Achala “Airplane” and “Catch Me If You Can.” The food was good, although when I ate too much of the spicy food, my eyes started to water. People that attended include Alex, David, Joseph, Herbert, Roda, Shirin, Susan, Bhavna, Arvin, Elieth, Kim, Jorge, other Alex, and other assorted people I can’t remember now. There was a lot of dancing, but I spent the evening outside talking to people, taking pictures, and having pictures taken of me. By the way, I’d like pictures of the evening. If you took any and would like to share, please let me know. It was a good night for hugs, too. Girls are soft and nice ^^
Happy birthday Achala!
That is all.