Aishiteru ze Baby

Linh-Nam mentioned liking Aishiteru ze Baby so I decided to watch some of it myself. Only nine episodes have been released that I know of, and I’ve seen the first five. It’s about a girl named Yuzuyu-chan. Her father died, causing her mother to become depressed and to abandon her. Yuzuyu-chan is left with family, and her cousin Kippei is instructed to watch her. Kippei is a high school student and a bit of a playboy, primarily concerned with flirting and dating. His life is changed when he finds himself truly caring about Yuzuyu-chan.
This series is incredibly cute. It’s a little unbelievable that they’d allow a high school student to watch Yuzuyu-chan though. He’s not just babysitting her; he’s basically parenting her. Yuzuyu-chan is incredibly cute (though she can’t compare to my cousin, of course). I’ve read that her voice-actress is nine years old. If true, that adds to the realism. I need to see more >_>