Title this *pelvic thrust*

Chris Brine is good. Thanks for the CDs man.
I’ve been scanning wallet photos to help me make a wallpaper of my friends. Yay for all the non-uglies I know.
I chatted with Gem for a while tonight about some things. It was nice.
Monday: Need to go to UCI to give documents.
Tuesday: Meet with Eric in the morning to give control of www.TheMorphineDrip.com over to him. Starbucks, Gable House Bowl, and Laser Storm at three.
Wednesday: Lunch with Gemma
Thursday: Paintball with David & gang, check out his second house
Friday: Free
Saturday: Party at David’s
Sunday: Party at David’s
And lunch with Barnes sometime, lunch with Gonzales sometime. Need to talk to George about site sometime
Anyone wanna do something tonight or Friday?