My dad took me down to UCI today to turn in my housing contract and payment. It’s a very nice, attractive campus. I liked the looks of the students there too. We checked out Mesa Court and Middle Earth. I didn’t get to look at any three person dorm rooms, but people let me look at their two person rooms. They seemed nice. The rooms and the people did, lol. Middle Earth seemed nicer to me and closer to more of the campus. So, Jaysen and Antonio, if you read this before I talk to you guys, we should change to Middle Earth. And Jaysen, because Antonio and I were nice enough to let you in, I think I should get the bottom bed. Yep. We ate lunch at a dining hall in Middle Earth, and it was tasty and all-you-can-eat. Yes, so… yay, I’m happy ^_^

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  1. Jasmine

    Hey, Peter! You know what’s kind of scary? I was at UCI on Monday visiting Jen! We could have gotten you free lunch. ;0)

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