Bowling & Norm’s

I didn’t think I’d be able to go with yesterday because my dad couldn’t leave the house, but I found out that Herbert was in Long Beach picking up Hanah so he picked me up, too. We met at Gable House and bowled two games. The people there were myself, Hanah, Herbert, Jaysen, Joseph, Ryo, Genevizzle (heh), Jon, Gian, Chris, Linh-Nam, Thao, Judy, Kamal, and Russell. I (CAPT SEXY) played with Hanah (JEWTASTIC), Herbert (SUP COMMANDER), and Jaysen (JAYZN INVAZN). The results were as follows:

Name Game 1 Game 2

I had never bowled before, but I had a great time. I obviously didn’t do wonderfully, but it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. Afterwards, I played a game of DDR with the Commander. It had been a while since I had played so that was cool. I tried to burn a CD for Joseph, which failed due to one picture multiple times. A seventh grade white kid tried to latch on to me/us and wouldn’t stop talking. What the fuck is wrong with people who try to befriend strangers? Losers.
Then we made our way to Red Lobster in Lakewood but ended up going to Norm’s. On the way, Jaysen had to go home so Joseph, who was driving with him, got out at a red light and came up to our car. By the way, Herbert is a horrible driver. It’s a good thing he had Hanah to read maps and William to watch for cars. At a red light, there were people selling paintings on the corner. Joseph tried to get their attention and asked if they were selling food. They didn’t really respond so Joseph began yelling “comer” and making eating gestures. It was pretty funny. We called David, and he met us at Norm’s. The bathroom was disgusting there. But the food wasn’t bad. I had a steak, baked potato, breaded shrimp, a salad, chicken noodle soup, and a shrimp cocktail. By 11:00 Herbert was already needing to get home, and Hanah’s mom came to wait for us to finish eating. I either needed a ride home or needed a house to sleep at. Hanah’s mom offered to take me home, but Herbert agreed to as well. We also discussed religion a bit. I like Hanah’s mom and Joseph. While Herbert was driving Joseph and me home, I talked about Christianity with Joseph. Despite his lack of math skills, heh, Joseph is really smart, and I enjoy talking with him. I need to meet up with him again soon to continue talking. I also need to get Mr. Show from him and give him some photos. It was a very fun evening.
And I want some bowling shoes.

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  1. Kubla Krouch

    You forgot the mixture of barbeque sauce, saccharin and lemon juice (which somehow makes it less sour) I ate on a knife before the brought my food.

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