My House

A few weeks ago, my dad was told by the city to put a new roof on the house. He eventually got the permit (whew). Paco said he could do it. Homer and Jamie (a friend of Harold and Homer) said they’d help. Jamie’s… er… in a bit of legal trouble, but that’s another story. They haven’t really done much on the roof, but when painting a wall, Homer decided to turn some boards around because the outside of them were so fucked up. Well, the wood was rotting from termites.

Now we have reached out to the roof repairs and they’re replacing a whole section of the wall in my dining room. Also, my dad gave Harold his two week notice the other day. Harold told my dad that he has decided to move on as if my dad hadn’t already told him to leave. Sort of weird. Paco and Homer will share the back room unless Homer prefers to live in the garage, which he might. They both do all sorts of labor, but Paco also cooks. It’s cheaper for us to buy enough food to feed everyone and let Paco cook it than it is for us to buy just for ourselves and cook it ourselves. Paco also brings the food to us. Eating Paco’s food is much healthier than anything we’d eat on our own. It’s pretty cool actually.

My dad’s noticed that I don’t like being around him. He said that when he talks, I just get bored and roll my eyes or something and when he tells a joke, I usually don’t laugh. I don’t do it on purpose, but it’s true that I act like that. It’s not that I don’t like him, but I he’s just annoying, and I can’t really enjoy being with him.
That’s home life.