David’s Graduation Party

There isn’t a lot to say about David’s graduation party. It was much smaller than his prom afterparty but still a lot of fun. I fooled around with the white guys in our usual style (computers). After the rest of the whites left, I spent the evening with the World Nation group, Herbert, Hanah (when the Supreme Commander and Commandress weren’t reading), and David. I also went for a walk and talked with Herbert. In the morning, I was promoted to major.
Also, I like how much David groups people. It’s kind of funny. I guess I’m a part of the white guys, the World Nation, and Motherly (the social group, not the band of course). His idea of the Motherly social group is very wide. Someone remind me to ask him where he places Linh-Nam, Christine, Antonio, William, Gemma, Jasmine, Roda, Nick… is there a loser group?