GunBound, Azure Dreams, eSPXe

I started playing GunBound the other day. The game’s really addicting. Basically, you move little tanks, called mobiles) left and right, pick the angle to fire at, and decide on the strength of the shot. There are power-ups you can use, and as you earn money, you can buy new items for your avatar, which help you in battle. There are four game modes – Solo, Score, Tag, and Jewel. In all four modes, the game is played with two teams. In Solo, each player has one life. In Score, each team has 5 lives. In Tag, you can use multiple mobiles. In Jewel, you shoot at little “jewels” rather than enemy mobiles. I prefer Jewel because many low level people get confused and don’t know how to play. One can really rack up GP in Jewel mode if one understands the mode.

GunBound seems to be filled with immature people. I know every game is, but this game is filled even more than others. I guess this is due to the ease of learning to play.
I’ve only started playing Azure Dreams again. I’m glad the ePSXe runs so well. It’s like having my Playstation working again… only better because it’s my computer. I plan on trying to get through Thousand Arms again, too. Hopefully this time I won’t get tired of them. And if I do, it’s easier to keep save files.