Herbert Birthday Bash 2004!!!!11!1!11!!!eleven!!

Yesterday, Jaysen gave me a ride to the mall. No one was there yet so we just wandered around the mall and checked out EB. At Alladin’s Castle, we saw that white kid with the high socks that seemed to be a punk wannabe from Gable House. We ran away. Herbert, Hanah, and William showed up so we all wandered around. David, Mike, and Bradley (eh? maybe?) showed up and talked us into going to Fuddrucker’s. It was tasty. There was a one hundred word essay contest on the topic of “why your father is the greatest in the world” or something like that. I wrote about how the Supreme Commander is like a father to me, how much I loves him, and how he’s not crazy anymore now that he got back together with the hippie. Right? Right.