Cowboy Bebop The Movie

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door is a great movie for Cowboy Bebop fans and can be used to introduce you to the series as well. It takes place after all the characters have come together, and the plot is completely self-contained. Both the animation and the music in the movie, just as in the series, is some of the best I’ve ever seen/heard. The introduction style looks like something that would be done in a live action movie, and parts of the movie do look real. The music is performed by The Seatbelts. I think the music of Cowboy Bebop is one of the major aspects that make Cowboy Bebop so great.
The plot of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door is a little looser than most of the series. I find myself wondering if what they do in an attempt to vaccinate the population of Mars would really work and if Faye could legally get away with taking over the weather control station as a terrorist. Then again, things like that happen all the time in the series, too. Collecting bounties is kind of pointless when you have to pay so much for damages, eh? It’s a wonderful movie though, and I really recommend seeing it.