No More ISP, Fallen Chopsticks

It seems my dad failed to tell me that we were $150 behind in our Earthlink bill. As of 1:00ish this morning, we no longer have an ISP. We’re probably not going to reactivate Earthlink. Verizon has a DSL / cell phone / Direct TV package that it looks like we’ll get. From sign up, it takes five days to activate, and we’re not signing up today. If we were to sign up Friday, I’d have Internet access on Wednesday if weekends are counted. It seems funny to write this because by the time anyone reads this on WebPageless everything will be okay again.
I’m going to continue making entries despite WebPageless being down. I’m also writing in notepad because my intranet doesn’t seem to be working either, lol. I can’t get Zot to see Chopsticks. This might be due to the router in the middle, but I really don’t know.
I knocked Chopsticks down last night. When I picked her up a half hour or so later, I noticed that her screen was cracked multiple times. The screen already didn’t work though. However, it was off. I turned it back on. It turned back off a few minutes later. I really thought I broke Chopsticks for good. Yeah, later I noticed that her brick got unplugged. Electronics need electricity. Stupid me.