Hanging Out With Gonzales

For a while, Gonzales and I have been planning to get together, but something always seems to come up. He wanted to buy a graduation dinner, and we were gonna look at buying and building some computers for his wife’s lab. Yesterday we finally managed to be free on the same days. I went down to CAMS where we hung out in his room, looked at his computer (he wants to upgrade his too) and made a list of what we needed to get. Then we went to Fry’s to begin pricing the lab computers and to buy some new hardware for his computer. He surprised me by buying a mobo, 2.4 GHz P4, and 512 MB of RAM as a graduation gift! ^__^ It was very cool. Lambcow should be back up soon! After pricing everything we needed to and picking up some hardware, we headed back to his place to drop off the stuff and then went out to dinner. We ate a Korean barbecue place. It was so tasty, lol. I’m still stuffed. Plus, there were a lot of asian girls there! Wow, it’s 4:08 now. I sort of took some breaks during the writing of this entry.