It’s hot

God, it’s so hot. I took a little fold up table outside to use my computer on the porch. I guess there’s no real reason to be in the house except that now I have to see a bunch of neighbors whom I don’t like and who don’t like me. I just talked to Homer for a while about assorted stuff. He’s going to leave at the end of July before Jamie’s mother moves in. It’s so hot during summer. I get so sweaty and stinky, and showering doesn’t really help because I’ll get that way again within a half hour of showering. Hopefully staying on the porch will help. They won’t begin the activation process for out DSL until they ship us the modem even though we already have one. They don’t have any modems in. Because they don’t consider weekends, we won’t have Internet access until a week from this Monday at the earliest. I hope to upload these .txts to a site and redirect to it sometime soon. Perhaps I can do it at Dev’s if I go there this weekend. My dad’s so annoying. He gets mad over the lamest reasons. Hopefully, I’ll go somewhere this weekend.
I started cleaning my room a little. It’s clean enough to access one desk now at least. I put my amp, two monitors, Chopsticks, and keyboard and mouse for Lambcow on it. There’s also a spot for Zot. Lambcow won’t boot. She just beeps at me. I only tried booting once though, and I haven’t begun to look over her again. It’s just too hot.