Midori no Hibi Anime & Manga Volume 1

After watching just Midori no Hibi episode 1, I wrote that “It’s a very strange series. Sawamura is a tough guy and a high school student who loves fighting but always defends the weak and right. He’s never had a girl friend and has asked out twenty girls, getting rejected each time. One evening, while complaining about only having his right hand as a lover, he finds than in place of a right hand he now has a girl, Midori, on his arm. She claims to have loved him for years. At first Sawamura is frightened and angry, but he warms up to her.
I just finished watching the series, and I thought it was very good. The plot is obviously built on something rather stupid, setting the light, comedic tone of the series. The sound and music was good, and the visuals were great, especially many of the backgrounds. I’ve loved the intro since I first saw it.
Throughout the series, Sawamura gets closer and closer to Midori, but his true feelings aren’t realized until the final episode. I was pleased with the ending, however, the final scene seemed anti-climatic. What happened wasn’t, but the way it was portrayed was. I really enjoyed the series though. If you like light, comedic romances (it was more a comedic than romantic), then you shouild like this.
The first volume of the manga was also entertaining, although I like the anime much more. The chapters are very short. The sereis covered incidents much more in-depthly than the manga. Much more happened in the series as well. I’m hoping that these other incidents will be in later volumes. It seems to me that the manga will pick up after it begins to describe events that aren’t in the series. I’ll see soon.