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Bill Maher with Hanah

Hanah invited me to see Real Time with Bill Maher with her and her mom. I had a great time. They picked me up around 4, and we proceeded to the studio. Hanah and I walked around Farmer’s Market (eh? yeah?) for a while before rushing back to the studio only to find that we didn’t need to, heh. The guests on the show were Michael Moore, former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, Gov. Bill Owens of Colorado, Rep. David Dreir, Ralph Nader, and Andre 3000.
First, I want to say how much I dislike Andre 3000 of Outkast. He’s a fuckin’ dumb ass. Bill Maher kept trying to get him to seem… alive… but failed. “Uh… you think they were being racist towards Al Sharpton? Hm… yeah I guess that does sort of make me really mad a little maybe I guess.” Perhaps I’m paraphrasing. I’ve lost what little respect I had for Outkast. Only black person on the show… way to make your race look good, fool, lol. Bill Maher was pretty funny and generally witty although he didn’t know what to say to Governor Bill Owens once. He just sort of stammered, but it wasn’t due to the Gov. making a great point or anything of the sort. Dreir said something about Kerry flip-flopping when it came to issues and later said that he’d make Moore a republican. Moore asked if that would make him a flip-flopper, which was pretty damn funny at the time. He’s very intelligent and speaks well. Dreir also tried criticizing Fahrenheit 9/11 but when Moore asked him if he had seen it, he had to respond that he hadn’t. Both republicans, the congressman and governor, didn’t seem to make any good points in my opinion. That seems a little strange to me because I know I have some right-wing opinions, but I guess issues were never really brought up. It was more about people. I liked Campbell as well. It was funny and interesting when she talked about Canada’s system and its benefits. I also liked how she talked about how a good leader needs the reflexes to react and implied that Bush lacked them. Nader didn’t really make any good points, but Maher and Moore got down on their knees and begged him not to run, which was pretty funny. At the end, balloons were released and someone was cussing about how there weren’t enough balloons. Of course, there was a bit more cussing than there was at the convention.
I had never seen Real Time (no cable), but I really enjoyed it.
Afterwards, we went out to eat. I had a very tasty open-faced hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cranberry sauce. We then went back to Hanah’s house where we watched the show on TV. After it aired and was recorded, we went back and watched in slow-motion to find us. We did. Good times.
Thanks for inviting me Hanah! Good show, good company.

Movable Type Problems

At the top of every monthly archive page, the name of the current month is displayed. Haven’t figured out how to code the correct month yet.
When a comment is made on an entry, the message “An error occurred: No entry_id” appears. I don’t know how to fix it.
If you have a solution, please comment on this message.
Hah! I don’t actually expect help, especially not with the first problem. I haven’t spent much time investigating them yet.

Donnie Darko

Good movies are rare it seems, but this is definitely one. I suppose I should have listened to Jennifer earlier.
Donnie Darko is a movie about time travel, mental illness, religion, the end of the world, and many other things. At least, I think it is. I’m not really sure.
Donnie is a disturbed teenager. He has a visions or a large, evil bunny who informs him of the destruction of the Universe and tries to get him to stop it and to do many antisocial things.
There’s not a lot more I can say without giving the story away. I did read parts of the official website before watching the movie, and I don’t feel that it hurt the movie watching experience. This is primarily because the site makes no sense without first watching the movie. However, it’s not like the movie will make much sense either. I’ve seen the movie a few times now. I haven’t seen the DVD extras nor the rerelease. The official site helps add to the experience and is a very nice site from a web design point of view.


Today, Jaysen picked up me and Joseph and got to Gable House by about 3. We waited around for Herbert and Hanah only to find that Herbert was still sleeping. So, the three of us played a game while waiting.

Entered Name Real Name Score
CDR Joseph 79
MAJ Peter 91
SRG Jaysen 65

My old record was 82 so I broke it by 9 that game. After Herbert and Hanah arrived, we played two more games.

Entered Name Real Name 1st Score 2nd Score
CDR Joseph 88 103
MAJ Peter 106 86
SRG Jaysen 54 65
SUP COMMANDER Herbert 60 53
JEWTASTIC Hanah 47 61

Some black dude asked me if he could have my Clie. Then, he offered me $10 for it. Then, he informed that he had one too. Odd. I max combo’d Can’t Stop Falling in Love on standard. Wasn’t really planning on it though.
Then we went to the Del Amo mall followed by the Galleria. I had stuffed spinach and broccoli pizza with a salad. Very tasty. Oh, and a cinabon. I also complained about the amount of good-looking women out and how they shouldn’t tempt me. Some white dude stopped Joseph to tell him that he bent a spoon too. He bent it for some metal class he was taking. It was pretty cool.
“God’s in His Heaven, All’s Right with the World” Word Count: 6085
Coming Soon:
Napoleon Dynamite Review
Donnie Darko Review
Dark Alliance Review
Joe’s Hoes

No title

Let’s see. I’ve watched Donnie Darko a few times now. I plan on watching it some more. I saw Napoleon Dynamite with some friends on Monday. Both movies need reviews. I don’t really know how well I could write an entry on Donnie Darko though.
I’ve been playing a lot of Dark Alliance lately. I could talk more about it, but I won’t now.
I’ve been feeling really stressed lately although I’m not sure why. I think it’s partly because of this damn network not working. It also has to do with my dad. We fight a lot, which is my fault a lot too. Still, I feel like he’s so confused and stupid. And he acts as if it’s my fault the network doesn’t work right and expects me to be able to fix it all. The more stressed I get, the shorter I get with my brother and dad too. I really shouldn’t be complaining because I know I’m a lazy, unprotective loser. I’m not going to school this summer, I haven’t been doing UCI paperwork, I haven’t taken any placement tests, I don’t have a job, I haven’t been trying to get my license. I can’t help but feel stressed though.
I’ve spent most of my free time the last few days sitting on my bed listening to the Postal Service, No Doubt, and Garbage. They’re… um… I don’t really know what I want to say there. Just pretend I said something about the three bands with general good feeling. Lately I’ve been getting this weird feeling/memory. Last night, while playing Dark Alliance, the fan reminded me of a voice I heard. I could start to hear the voice in my head, but it was faint and sort of far away, slurring… I couldn’t make anything out. It’s not really that I’m hearing a voice… it’s more that the noise from the fan was making me remember this voice. When I’m being reminded of the voice, I can remember more about it. But when it goes away, I can’t remember what I remembered. General bad feelings… I know that. The way my memory works in this case is sort of like that of a dream. After a dream, you can remember general feeling but not detail sometimes. It’s sort of like that. Perhaps the voice was from a dream, and noises in real life remind me of the dream. I don’t know. When I get really stressed out lately, I want to get violent. I want to smash something expensive or get in a fight or something. I don’t know how to release this energy… I can’t actually break anything expensive… and I can’t just go punch someone. I ended up sitting on the couch shaking today.
I did go out for a little bit today though. I had like $7 in nickels and dimes and $5 or so dollars in cash… but I had to save money for bowling. Luckily, my dad gave me $23 today. Dev took a bus down here and then we went to eat, walk, and talk. It was nice to get out and chill with a friend. I’m looking forward to bowling twelve hours from now.
Dedicated to Herbert:
So I’m just kickin’ it.
I’m counting the days.
I hardly can wait for us to hang out.
I’m really missin’ it in so many ways.
I anticipate us making out.
<3 Saturday I'm going to see Karsh Kale in LA Saturday. Looking forward to that too. Okay, I think I'll go play Dark Alliance for a bit.

Cheryl’s Potluck

I had a good time last night. Let’s see… there was Cheryl, Gian, Chris Martinez, Russell, Kamal, Linh-Nam, Ryo, Jon, Judy, Christine, Allison, Hong, Elieth, Jolan, William… maybe more; I can’t remember. We watched a bunch of TV… Sealab 2021 is pretty cool. We acted perverted a lot… other people took a lot of cool photos. I didn’t. It was really great to see some of these people again. I’m glad everyone seems to be doing fine. Russell said he’s written some unfinished fiction. Man, I’d like to see what he’s written so far. Um, yeah. I had a great time.


Melissa woke me up a little past 2:00 PM today. I took a shower, and Chris picked me up around 3:30. We went to Mel’s house where we waited for Herbert to pick up Mike. Herbert drove Hanah and Mike, and Chris drove Alyssa, Alyson, Melissa, and myself. When we got there, Joseph, Jennifer Damm, Mike McDaniels, and Jaysen were already there. Herbert got turned around and ended up at LAX. He’s incompetent. I was a little surprised that Jen actually came. It was nice to see her again. We played a game of DDR (I came close to max combo’ing Sobakasu). I also played a game of DDR with some guy I didn’t know. I forgot how much I enjoyed DDR. Fuck… I wish stuff I liked was free.
When Herbert, Hanah, and Mike arrived, we asked for the lanes and waited. Joseph, Jennifer, Alyson, Alyssa, Melissa, and I played on the first lane, and Herbert, McDaniels, Hanah, Jaysen, and Chris played on the second. Mike didn’t want to play. I hadn’t eaten anything that day yet and had hardly eaten the previous day so I ate some beef jerkey I had in my bag. Then, Jen and I split some nachos and a soda. I let the girls do weird things to my hair. They took pictures… I’ll get them eventually. And despite having to struggle with Jennifer and ending up on the floor, I got her hair bands from her!
Lane One

Entered Name Real Name 1st Game Score 2nd Game Score
CDR Joseph



MAJ Peter 68 75
JEN Jennifer 43 75
ALYSON Alyson low 43
ALYSSA Alyssa low 43
MELISSA Melissa low 31

Lane Two

Entered Name Real Name 1st Game Score 2nd Game Score
SUP COMMANDER Herbert 53 61
MICKY D Michael



MEHITABEL Hanah 58 66
SARGE Jaysen 48 63
SARGE CHRIS Chris 65 50

We then headed over to that Mexican restaurant. Chris left with Melissa, Mike, Alyssa, and Alyson. The rest of us ate, and it was tasty. I also spent a lot of time standing around outside acting like a dumb ass and talking about how people were disrespectin’ us and our hood, yo.
Fun times.

Keen Vorpal Journal Entry Plus 2 of Devastation

I spent the day Tuesday at Melissa’s house with Chris, Mel, and Alyssa… and Mel’s brother Mike too. Wow… those girls are exhausting o.0 And they like to play with water >_>
America’s Next Top Model (or something like that) is filled with ugly chicks. I don’t like those model girls.
Phillipino hostage was released after his president pulled out her troops. Interesting.
Cold War of sorts with China? I like China. Man, screw Taiwan. America’s Summer Pulse 2004 is using “seven aircraft-carrier strike groups, 50 warships, 600 aircraft and 150,000 troops around the globe reported the L.A. Times on Tuesday. It’s one of the largest exercises we’ve done.
I wonder if we’re going to go into Iran next.
Taco Bell is very tasty.
I got my DSL modem in the mail today from Verizon. Service was scheduled to be up by today at the very latest. It wasn’t up. Makes me sad. I don’t really miss the Internet all that much anymore though. lol. Seems strange to feel that way though. I’d really like to have WebPageless up though… and I should probably have access to my e-mail again.
I really need to take care of all that UCI crap.
Alyssa and Alyson’s birthday party was fun despite what they thought of it. Their mom’s… uh… not very nice. >_< 🙁 It was very hot with everyone stuck in one little room sort of held hostage by their mom. I had a dream that Chris's mom was keeping me captive or something. I remember running away, trying to hide. Somehow, if she could find me, she'd be able to take me back. Scary. Chris's mom isn't actually mean or anything. I think this dream came from being exposed to Alyssa's mom. Hah. I've been playing a lot of Dark Alliance lately. Great game. My brother bought his PS2 finally. He got Dark Alliance and Max Payne. I haven't tried Max Payne yet. Mike showed me a game called Tales of Symphonia on GameCube the other day. I only saw a few glimpses of it, but it's very attractive. I want to play it now. I've also been playing Neverwinter Nights, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Love Hina Advance, and P.N. 03. I haven't played a FPS in a long time so playing Blue Shift is pretty cool. I got the final ending of Love Hina Advance yesterday, Motoko. P.N. 03 or Product Number 03 for GameCube is pretty cool. It's a FPS. You play some feminie chick who wears a suit that shoots energy from the palms of her suit. Rather than jump, she flips, and rather than side-step she sort of twirls. The extra girliness of her movements is what makes the game so great I think, lol. There was a low speed chase yesterday. The suspect tried to hand a puppy through the window to a woman while driving away from the police. Interesting. I saw a high speed chase live today around 1:15. It was interesting to watch but nothing special. I haven't talked with Cheryl or Shaun since school got out. I haven't seen Christine, Linh-Nam, Gian, Chris Martinez or Antonio since school got out. I've only seen Alex three times - at his graduation small graduation party, at David's party, and once bowling, I think. I've seen a lot of Jaysen, Herbert, Hanah, David, Joseph, Mike, Chris Brine and Dev though. Percival's birthday is tomorrow. Alex's is Monday. Kristin's is Wednesday. Happy birthday to each of you, although two of you don't read this, one probably won't see this entry, and WebPageless isn't even up. Most people are individually insignificant. It's sad. Good night.

Hanging Out With Chris, Herbert, and Hanah

Thursday I spent the day with Chris Brine and Herbert. We spent most of our day just hanging out at Chris’s. Michelob is a lot better than MGD. We also split half a bottle of wine or so, which Chris made a cover story for when his parents got home. After walking around the mall for a while, Chris and I found gifts for Alyssa and Alyson. We bought them two glass… rectangular prism thingies… with shapes inside… fish and dolphins… a diary… and something else. I can’t remember. I’m very tired tonight.
Today, Herbert, Chris, and I attempted to intercept Hanah and her way back to Long Beach but failed. We went to her house though and had fun just spending time there. It’s funny how much fun just sitting around with friends is.
Today’s Alyssa and Alyson’s birthday party. And I guess I forgot to mention that my Vegas trip failed. My grandmother overheard my grandfather talking to me and mentioned some of the details in passing to my mother. My mom wasn’t too happy. I’ll still try to go visit them sometime though… maybe a friend who can drive will come up with me.
Chris, Herbert, Hanah, and I also talked about taking a trip to San Diego soon. We’ll see. I’m tired. Sleep soon.

Bowling on 7-13

On Monday, Chris stopped by my house with Melissa and Alyson. I decided to go with them to take the girls home. First, we took Alyson home, but she didn’t want to go home so we took Melissa home and then went to Herbert’s house. He was sleeping, but he came out, and we talked for a while on the street. Then Chris took Alyson home. I invited Chris, Alyssa, and Alyson to go bowling with us on Tuesday.
Tuesday, Chris picked me up at my house and then went to Alyssa and Alyson’s house. Alyson wasn’t home so we took Alyssa and went to Gable House. We played with Jaysen and Joseph. Here’s the scores as usual:

Entered Name Real Name 1st Game Score 2nd Game Score
CIV CHRIS Chris 88 55
CIV ALYSSA Alyssa 38 84
SARGE Jaysen 51 53
MAJOR Peter 69 61
COMMANDER Joseph 77 60

After bowling, we went to that Mexican restaurant where I had a couple tacos.We had some trouble sorting money but got it worked out eventually. We walked around a bit, Joseph and I chased a cat, and then Jaysen went home while the rest of us went to the pool hall in Lakewood. It was full so we went back to Chris’s house. Joseph and I used Chris’s bow and arrow while he took Alyssa home. When he got back, the three of us just hung out and talked for a while. Chris had like nothing to drink in his house. I had a Miller Genuine Draft and a French Vanilla Slim-Fast. Slim-Fast sure is a lot better than MGD ^^;; Of course, after this, he finds soda. Makes me sad. But I had a hot pocket so I can’t be too bad. Then we took Joseph home while I distracted Chris by playing music videos and porn on my laptop. Chris seemed to enjoy going super slow because no cars were out. We dropped off Joseph, and then Chris drove back to Long Beach to drop me off. I got in the house around 3:45 at which point I called Dev and we discussed the huge set of lies we’re preparing. I hope the Vegas trip works out.

King’s Canyon

7/10/04 0:30
The trip up here was great. Riding with David and Herbert was so much fun. We talked about all sorts of things – politics, movies, games, music, guy stuff, and the normal crazy shit.
There was a crazy guy in a white truck who was very mad at us for some reason. He came very close to hitting us, yelled at us, and told us to pull over. We got away from him, but he came back. Then, we exitted the freeway and got back on, and he had waited. Finally, we stopped for lunch.
King’s Canyon is very beautiful. The trees and mountains are gorgeous, there are many rivers, and the stars are stunning. We lied down in the parking lot to look up.
Hanah was here with her mom, her aunt Chrissy, and a pretty, thirteen year old girl named Thea who is Hanah’s cousin. Hanah instructed us not to touch her. She said she’d kill us by throwing us off a cliff if we did. lol.
7/10/04 18:03
We woke up this morning at 7:30 to hike to a small waterfall. It was very beautiful. The pond reminded us of some sort of mana recharge spot. We’re not losers… After getting back, we had english muffins with cheese for breakfast. Then, we hiked along a trail with an amazing view to get to a river. There was a large rock, Muir Rock, which we jumped off of into the river. The water was fucking cold, but I enjoyed jumping many times. We saw another small waterfall, and David peed in the woods (omgzlolz).
Finally, we had ice cream before returning to camp. It’s been a great trip so far.
7/10/04 22:04
On the way up here, Herbert wanted to drive. David said, “I don’t know if i can trust you. You’re kinda stupid.” It’s funny because I know what he means. Today, around the campfire, everbody was trying to get me to do the Donald Duck orgasm. Laurie, Hanah’s mom, and Chrissy, Thea’s mom, wanted to hear it after hearing about it from Hanah, Thea,
Herbert, and David. Laurie said, “my husband’s away. I need to hear orgasmic sounds.” It was pretty funny. I did it eventually.
While discussing males and females, Thea said that a girl could bite the head off while giving head. Everyone shut up. Her mom was angry at her. She should be careful what she says around certain people. She speaks a lot about those subjects for a thirteen year old girl. On a side note, Thea puts make-up on everyday, and she’s wearing red, fuzzy slippers now. That’s pretty cute. She reminded us of the “Plastics” from Mean Girls a bit. She knows about all the cliques at her school, …
7/11/04 2:20
…hangs in a group that trades around boys, and voted people out of their lunch table. She also talked about the losers that play Magic: The Gathering. David’s pretty into MTG, and I used to be as well. She seems popular even though she claims not to be. We’re losers. It’s funny that a girl in middle school can make that so obvious, heh. It’s a good thing I went to CAMS. David’s prom king, hahaha… that just cracks me up. Everybody loves David though. Anyways, she’s very cool though. We all enjoyed spending time with her. I wonder if she thought we were okay or just huge losers. Losers probably =P
At around 10:30 or 11 tonight (Saturday night), we lied down in the street to look at the stars. Thea and Laurie came with us this time. Laurie left around midnight. We came back to camp arount one where we sat in David’s car talking until two. It was a great evening.
7/11/04 14:43
Today we woke up around 10. After eating breakfast, we hung out by the river. We packed up, straightened up the monetary issues, and talked. I also gave WebPageless info to Thea. We’re still in the park now driving out. Herbert’s lying down in the back trying to sleep. And now I’m done writing.
7/11/04 15:59
Y’know, even “civilization” up here is hardly civilized compared to LA. I’ m glad to live where I do.
7/11/04 18:02
We just saw a shirtless, white guy at Arby’s. On the back of his right, upper arm, he had a tatoo that said “white” and on the right, “pride.” It was funny but a bit scary.
The little girl he was with seemed inbred.
7/11/04 21:57
I’m back home now. I got to see just how beautiful nature is this weekend, but also, seeing all the crappy cities on the drive reminds me of how beautiful LA is. Some of those cities couldn’t even name their damn avenues. And the “big” ones had Costcos! When we reached LA, I pointed to the horizon and made note of the beautiful gray sky that marks LA as actual civilization. We also talked about counties one the drive. I used to live in Riverside, now I live in LA, and soon I’ll live in Orange County. I guess if I move to San Diego after college I’ll have lived in all the cool Southern California counties. I wonder if David will do cool shit down in San Diego next year and let me visit.
Man… I’m so sunburnt. Some of the pictures came out pretty well. I’m pleased so far. I’ll put a link to the album in this entry after I post them. Also, I don’t even have “albums” yet. I plan to revise a bit of the WebPageless structure soon. I don’t know when my Internet will be up though. Herbert let me borrow Morrowind and War Craft III.
The whole trip we kept switching between a random RPG fantasy, a Lord of the Rings fantasy, and the World Nation fant… er… uh… reality… We’d also talk about War Craft III heros whenever it got awkward. Funny shit.
Also, Thea has an 18 year old brother named Seth who seems to be a lot like me. Being similar to me… poor guy… el oh el. I’m listening to some Led Zeppelin now. The only CD David had worth listening to in his car was one disc of The Wall by Pink Floyd. He claims the crap belongs to Mike. The Morphine Drip’s performing at a showcase in Newport tomorrow, and I’m going to try to attend. I’m also leaving Thursday for Vegas. I guess mentioning that doesn’t matter because this site isn’t even up right now… and it has nothing to do with the camping trip. If you’ve read the whole entry, I have a question for you. What the hell is the matter with you?
/art/kingscanyon/index.htm” target=”_top”>Photos & Clips

Neverwinter Nights

Seeing how excited Neverwinter Nights made Largo, I decided to give it a try. The last time I tried to play it was when Pierce (or one of his friends) gave me a copy. We were going to play it over summer a few years ago. It would always crash on my computer, but it works fine now. Neverwinter Nights totally blows away Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn.
First off, even for a game that’s a few years old, the graphics and sound are amazing. There’s great control of the camera, and most everything looks superb. That sound effects are great, and many dialogues have audio along with them. However, BG2:SoA didn’t lack in these areas. The gameplay was what sucked in that game. Well, it’s great in Neverwinter Nights. You can move your character via mouse or keyboard. The menu-driven abilities are very intuitive. The camera is moved by moving the mouse while holding down the scroll-wheel button. This is only annoying if you’re used to using the right mouse button for that… say… from RO >_> A lot of the attacking is automatic once battle is iniative. Most importantly to me, party members aren’t dumb fucks. They’re productive in battle. When I played BG2:SoA, switching characters was annoying to tell each and every person what to do. This isn’t so in NWN. So far, the plot has been very intriguing too. Okay, I’m going back to it now.

L.A. Trip

I had the idea of taking the metro for no reason to no apparent location, so Dev and I went today. It’s $3 for an all day pass for the bus and the train. First, we went to 7th/Metro, where there was a park with water fountain, library, and a couple of hot asians. There are free shows at that park all throughout summer. We plan on going back. Then we went to Union Station. The station looked great, but the area was pretty crappy and run-down. Plus, the people there were dumb. I really liked China Town. There were a lot of cool places to eat or just hang out. There were lots of good-looking food places. Of course, there were a ton of hot and cute asian girls. I bought some chopsticks (the utensils, not the computer) while I was there. Highland Park looked so boring that we got right back on another train after getting off. Vermont/Santa Monica had a lot of fast food but not much else. We’ll probably check it out again and go deeper into it, because by the time we were there, we were pretty tired. Before leaving, we went back to LA and ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. It cost $40 for the two of us but was very good. On the way home, we talked to some dude on the train. He kept making jokes about calling Dev’s parents, told us a bit about his life, and explained some game about Dragoons for PS1. The game actually sounded pretty cool so I’ll look into it sometime. When we got home, my dad drove Dev home. Dev let me borrow his sleeping bag. ^^
And then I talked to Christine on the phone. We also talked to her for a while at Union Station. She’s cool, a good friend, and very hot! If you happen to read this, I lovez j00.


Tuesday, I went to Gonzales’s around 10. We checked my RAM in his computer, and it was bad, so we returned it. We’re gonna go back later to buy more when there’s a sale. His computer has a worm it seems, and it’s fucked pretty badly. We worked on it for a long time… some problems solved… but it’s still pretty fucked. He also showed me some stuff on the guitar… some notes stuff, chords, and how to play most of “Hashpipe.”
Then, I went to Gable House to bowl. I’m tired and kind of want to write this up quickly, but here are the scores:
Game 1
Mr Hurst: 66
Mike: 56
Jayzn Invazn (plus one accident by Peter): 77
Mr Peter: 58
Game 2
My Hurst: 59
Mike: 58
Jayzn Invazn: 62
Mr Peter: 80
It was fun! And then we went to Starbucks, and it was tasty!


I’m still worried that something will go wrong with college. I need to figure out what the deal is with orientation and go. I haven’t sent in the paperwork for the state loan yet. I haven’t taken the Subject A. It says everybody needs to take exams for calculus and physics… I wonder if that still applies to students who have taken some classes already. It probably does. On my app I said I was going to take the calc AP test… should I notify someone that I didn’t? Financial aid doesn’t come in until after the first quarter or something like that. So uh… what the hell? I have a mini-fridge, but the only microwaves that are allowed come bundled with fridges. I guess we should get one. I need to talk to Toni and Jay. That reminds me… what if I don’t get them as roommates? That would fucking suck.
My room has so much stuff in it. I have much more than most of my friends it seems. It’s also filled with trash, and everything’s out of place. I really should clean it. I also want to buy a trash can and something to put my empty cans in. My ceiling fan is hanging from its wires. I’m not really sure about what to do with all my papers. Instead of just filling most of my drawers and shelves with them, I’d really like to come up with some sort of filing system. I also want to make a scrap book… I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I need something to store photos, full sheets of papers, scraps… some I could glue in, but some are double sided. Anyone some sort of… scrap book wiz…and want to give me advice? Hah. I also want to box up the crap that’s in here and put it in the garage. Then, in September, I’ll box up my good stuff, label it, and make sure it does NOT leave the main household. That way I’ll have my stuff safe at home.
I’ve also been thinking about what comes with me to school. I’m bringing clothes, backpack, laptop + required peripherals, desktop + required peripherals, printer, scanner, one monitor, CDs/DVDs, a few books… should I birng my guitar? I fool around with it some, but not too often. Is anyone (I’m talking to my probable roommates here) bringing a TV, VCR, or DVD player? I could bring my Apex DVD/SVCD/VCD/mp3… it’s a nice unit. But I don’t have a small tv that I could bring.
Apparently no one has responded to Jaysen about going out tomorrow. Toni’s trying to get a ride. Joseph said he could go a few weeks ago but hasn’t talked to Jaysen since. Sam can’t go, Jaysen couldn’t get a hold of Jennifer, he doesn’t know about David, Hanah can’t go, and Alex said maybe. I’ll go with him regardless, but I hope someone else comes too.
I’m going to Gonzales’s tomorrow morning to try to figure out what’s wrong with Lambcow this time. Hopefully something gets accomplished.
David’s having trouble getting mom to let him go camping this weekend. Herbert’s mom seems to be leaning towards yes but she’s not sure. She’s worried that it’s dangerous. I guess this now depends on both mom’s saying yes. Man, fucking makes me :(. I want to go.
And for the following weekend… I told my grandfather that my friend’s giving me a ride out. He wants him to drop me off at his house. I didn’t mention that I’m actually getting the ride with a stranger, a friend of Dev’s. Dev told his parents that I’m visiting my grandfather and wanted him to go with me. He knew that his parents wouldn’t let him attend a party in Vegas. He also didn’t tell them that my grandfather lives in Vegas. If the need arises, I wonder if my grandfather will cover for Dev. I think he would. But if this fails… I don’t really want that to happen, lol. Perhaps Dev’s friend would give me a ride anyways. I don’t know.
My mom and Pete treat Tony like he’s so fucking stupid. Tony’s my 24 year old step brother by the way. And there are a lot of weird rules. He’s not allowed to play video games on week days, he can’t lean on the wall, he has no chairs in his room but he’s not allowed to push the bed against the wall, no food or drink in his bed room, and on weekends he’s not allowed to go out of town. They really do get mad or talk down to him constantly too. He must be going insane.
My mom spent $200+ on assorted teenager clothes for me today. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t really have anything like it. And Pete gave me some money for the camping trip. I also spent $45 on manga today. I bought megatokyo volumes 1 and 2, Love Hina volume 2, and Trigun volume 2. Pete also got me “2004 Driving in California – What You Need to Know to Get a California Driver’s License” book from AAA. I’ll start studying and take the written test soon.
I have a lot of stuff to watch/read – Donnie Darko, megatokyo, Love Hina, Trigun (need to find the anime though), some Prince of Tennis, some assorted other shows, Hearts in Atlantis…
I need to find a game to play though. I like action/RPGs, life simulators, dating sims, eastern, turned-based, menu-driven RPGs, platformers like Zelda, MMOs and some FPSs. I’ve liked Diablo, Diablo 2, Graal, Zelda: LTTP, Zelda: OOT, Shattered Galaxy, Raganarok Online, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3: Arena, The Sims, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy VII/VIII, Front Mission 3, Super Mario RPG… I need something new to play. I don’t know what though. Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance was really fun with Tony. Jaysen, if you get Dark Alliance 2 Wednesday, let’s get together and play =D.
And I want to buy a sketch book. I tried drawing this anime girl, slightly bend over, with her hands on her thighs right above her knees. It didn’t turn out all that well. I wanted to try drawing a bit this summer though.
I guess that’s everything that’s on my mind. If you read through it all, thank you, and I’m sorry it wasn’t very interesting. Then again, for many of you, this was probably much more interesting than reading about my stupid anime/manga/game/movie opinions.

Baldur’s Gate II

I’ve always sort of liked Baldur’s Gate II Shadows of Amn but also sort of hated it. I wanted to play an RPG, but I could never get into it. However, I recently played Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance on PS2, and the game is awesome. It reminds me a lot of the Diablo series. It has a great plot (so it seems), tons of character development, easy to learn control and character system, and superb game play. I definitely want to play more of this game. There’s a second one that should be the same engine.

Aishiteru ze Baby 13

I thought this was a great episode. It moved the plot a bit and was very touching. The Kokoro subplot was hardly touched, but from the preview it seems that she’s showing jealousy and will confront Kippei in episode 14. This episode, Yuzuyu’s mother returns. I won’t say what happens, but rest assured that her return does not bring about the end of the series. I’m still very pleased with this show, and I hope it doesn’t end for a while. Of course, I hope it doesn’t run out of material for a while, too.

Roommates, Swimming, Whale

I had a dream that at UCI one cycles roommates. Antonio was my roommate to start, but it would switch around. One day, we’re just hanging out when we’re told that it’s time to switch. Now I was rooming with Thao (Linh-Nam’s Thao) even though I expected to be rooming with Jaysen. There was a pool outside so I went swimming. It was the middle of the night by this time. Next to the pool was a building. I didn’t know what was in it, but the door was unlocked so I went in. Somehow, inside the little building, there was an ocean. I went swimming, but an angry whale started chasing me. I swam back over to the sofa (yeah), climbed out, and left. Then, I went back to my dorm to shower (showers were in the dorm rooms) and went to bed.

Lan’s LAN

Lan borrowed a switch from Wilso, but file sharing didn’t work at first. It was a little weird helping her when she’s using a OS I don’t know and using it away from me. She got her files transferred eventually though. So… yay! ^^;

Meeting Online Acquaintances

I found a post on Gaia Online titled “Making Gaia Badges to wear to Cons ~ FAQ’s *updated*” that discussed making name tags for the upcoming Anime Expo. The badges would have one’s Gaia name and avatar on them for locating other Gaia Online users. The following is a screen shot of part of the thread.

/bin/referenced/000117_2.jpg” target=”1172″>

Um… you can probably guess what I want to comment about… so I just won’t.

Trigun Volume 1

This manga was longer than most at 357 pages. I enjoyed it, but I think I would have been confused had I not seen most of the anime. Major elements of the plot are revealed much earlier in the manga than in the series, which I like. A lot of the panels seem a little difficult to follow in my opinion. Perhaps if I had slowed down, it would have made more sense, but I guess it wasn’t needed because I had seen the series. I’m definitely going to be reading the next volume.