Roommates, Swimming, Whale

I had a dream that at UCI one cycles roommates. Antonio was my roommate to start, but it would switch around. One day, we’re just hanging out when we’re told that it’s time to switch. Now I was rooming with Thao (Linh-Nam’s Thao) even though I expected to be rooming with Jaysen. There was a pool outside so I went swimming. It was the middle of the night by this time. Next to the pool was a building. I didn’t know what was in it, but the door was unlocked so I went in. Somehow, inside the little building, there was an ocean. I went swimming, but an angry whale started chasing me. I swam back over to the sofa (yeah), climbed out, and left. Then, I went back to my dorm to shower (showers were in the dorm rooms) and went to bed.