I’m still worried that something will go wrong with college. I need to figure out what the deal is with orientation and go. I haven’t sent in the paperwork for the state loan yet. I haven’t taken the Subject A. It says everybody needs to take exams for calculus and physics… I wonder if that still applies to students who have taken some classes already. It probably does. On my app I said I was going to take the calc AP test… should I notify someone that I didn’t? Financial aid doesn’t come in until after the first quarter or something like that. So uh… what the hell? I have a mini-fridge, but the only microwaves that are allowed come bundled with fridges. I guess we should get one. I need to talk to Toni and Jay. That reminds me… what if I don’t get them as roommates? That would fucking suck.
My room has so much stuff in it. I have much more than most of my friends it seems. It’s also filled with trash, and everything’s out of place. I really should clean it. I also want to buy a trash can and something to put my empty cans in. My ceiling fan is hanging from its wires. I’m not really sure about what to do with all my papers. Instead of just filling most of my drawers and shelves with them, I’d really like to come up with some sort of filing system. I also want to make a scrap book… I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I need something to store photos, full sheets of papers, scraps… some I could glue in, but some are double sided. Anyone some sort of… scrap book wiz…and want to give me advice? Hah. I also want to box up the crap that’s in here and put it in the garage. Then, in September, I’ll box up my good stuff, label it, and make sure it does NOT leave the main household. That way I’ll have my stuff safe at home.
I’ve also been thinking about what comes with me to school. I’m bringing clothes, backpack, laptop + required peripherals, desktop + required peripherals, printer, scanner, one monitor, CDs/DVDs, a few books… should I birng my guitar? I fool around with it some, but not too often. Is anyone (I’m talking to my probable roommates here) bringing a TV, VCR, or DVD player? I could bring my Apex DVD/SVCD/VCD/mp3… it’s a nice unit. But I don’t have a small tv that I could bring.
Apparently no one has responded to Jaysen about going out tomorrow. Toni’s trying to get a ride. Joseph said he could go a few weeks ago but hasn’t talked to Jaysen since. Sam can’t go, Jaysen couldn’t get a hold of Jennifer, he doesn’t know about David, Hanah can’t go, and Alex said maybe. I’ll go with him regardless, but I hope someone else comes too.
I’m going to Gonzales’s tomorrow morning to try to figure out what’s wrong with Lambcow this time. Hopefully something gets accomplished.
David’s having trouble getting mom to let him go camping this weekend. Herbert’s mom seems to be leaning towards yes but she’s not sure. She’s worried that it’s dangerous. I guess this now depends on both mom’s saying yes. Man, fucking makes me :(. I want to go.
And for the following weekend… I told my grandfather that my friend’s giving me a ride out. He wants him to drop me off at his house. I didn’t mention that I’m actually getting the ride with a stranger, a friend of Dev’s. Dev told his parents that I’m visiting my grandfather and wanted him to go with me. He knew that his parents wouldn’t let him attend a party in Vegas. He also didn’t tell them that my grandfather lives in Vegas. If the need arises, I wonder if my grandfather will cover for Dev. I think he would. But if this fails… I don’t really want that to happen, lol. Perhaps Dev’s friend would give me a ride anyways. I don’t know.
My mom and Pete treat Tony like he’s so fucking stupid. Tony’s my 24 year old step brother by the way. And there are a lot of weird rules. He’s not allowed to play video games on week days, he can’t lean on the wall, he has no chairs in his room but he’s not allowed to push the bed against the wall, no food or drink in his bed room, and on weekends he’s not allowed to go out of town. They really do get mad or talk down to him constantly too. He must be going insane.
My mom spent $200+ on assorted teenager clothes for me today. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t really have anything like it. And Pete gave me some money for the camping trip. I also spent $45 on manga today. I bought megatokyo volumes 1 and 2, Love Hina volume 2, and Trigun volume 2. Pete also got me “2004 Driving in California – What You Need to Know to Get a California Driver’s License” book from AAA. I’ll start studying and take the written test soon.
I have a lot of stuff to watch/read – Donnie Darko, megatokyo, Love Hina, Trigun (need to find the anime though), some Prince of Tennis, some assorted other shows, Hearts in Atlantis…
I need to find a game to play though. I like action/RPGs, life simulators, dating sims, eastern, turned-based, menu-driven RPGs, platformers like Zelda, MMOs and some FPSs. I’ve liked Diablo, Diablo 2, Graal, Zelda: LTTP, Zelda: OOT, Shattered Galaxy, Raganarok Online, Unreal Tournament, Quake 3: Arena, The Sims, Harvest Moon, Final Fantasy VII/VIII, Front Mission 3, Super Mario RPG… I need something new to play. I don’t know what though. Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance was really fun with Tony. Jaysen, if you get Dark Alliance 2 Wednesday, let’s get together and play =D.
And I want to buy a sketch book. I tried drawing this anime girl, slightly bend over, with her hands on her thighs right above her knees. It didn’t turn out all that well. I wanted to try drawing a bit this summer though.
I guess that’s everything that’s on my mind. If you read through it all, thank you, and I’m sorry it wasn’t very interesting. Then again, for many of you, this was probably much more interesting than reading about my stupid anime/manga/game/movie opinions.