Tuesday, I went to Gonzales’s around 10. We checked my RAM in his computer, and it was bad, so we returned it. We’re gonna go back later to buy more when there’s a sale. His computer has a worm it seems, and it’s fucked pretty badly. We worked on it for a long time… some problems solved… but it’s still pretty fucked. He also showed me some stuff on the guitar… some notes stuff, chords, and how to play most of “Hashpipe.”
Then, I went to Gable House to bowl. I’m tired and kind of want to write this up quickly, but here are the scores:
Game 1
Mr Hurst: 66
Mike: 56
Jayzn Invazn (plus one accident by Peter): 77
Mr Peter: 58
Game 2
My Hurst: 59
Mike: 58
Jayzn Invazn: 62
Mr Peter: 80
It was fun! And then we went to Starbucks, and it was tasty!