L.A. Trip

I had the idea of taking the metro for no reason to no apparent location, so Dev and I went today. It’s $3 for an all day pass for the bus and the train. First, we went to 7th/Metro, where there was a park with water fountain, library, and a couple of hot asians. There are free shows at that park all throughout summer. We plan on going back. Then we went to Union Station. The station looked great, but the area was pretty crappy and run-down. Plus, the people there were dumb. I really liked China Town. There were a lot of cool places to eat or just hang out. There were lots of good-looking food places. Of course, there were a ton of hot and cute asian girls. I bought some chopsticks (the utensils, not the computer) while I was there. Highland Park looked so boring that we got right back on another train after getting off. Vermont/Santa Monica had a lot of fast food but not much else. We’ll probably check it out again and go deeper into it, because by the time we were there, we were pretty tired. Before leaving, we went back to LA and ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. It cost $40 for the two of us but was very good. On the way home, we talked to some dude on the train. He kept making jokes about calling Dev’s parents, told us a bit about his life, and explained some game about Dragoons for PS1. The game actually sounded pretty cool so I’ll look into it sometime. When we got home, my dad drove Dev home. Dev let me borrow his sleeping bag. ^^
And then I talked to Christine on the phone. We also talked to her for a while at Union Station. She’s cool, a good friend, and very hot! If you happen to read this, I lovez j00.