Neverwinter Nights

Seeing how excited Neverwinter Nights made Largo, I decided to give it a try. The last time I tried to play it was when Pierce (or one of his friends) gave me a copy. We were going to play it over summer a few years ago. It would always crash on my computer, but it works fine now. Neverwinter Nights totally blows away Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn.
First off, even for a game that’s a few years old, the graphics and sound are amazing. There’s great control of the camera, and most everything looks superb. That sound effects are great, and many dialogues have audio along with them. However, BG2:SoA didn’t lack in these areas. The gameplay was what sucked in that game. Well, it’s great in Neverwinter Nights. You can move your character via mouse or keyboard. The menu-driven abilities are very intuitive. The camera is moved by moving the mouse while holding down the scroll-wheel button. This is only annoying if you’re used to using the right mouse button for that… say… from RO >_> A lot of the attacking is automatic once battle is iniative. Most importantly to me, party members aren’t dumb fucks. They’re productive in battle. When I played BG2:SoA, switching characters was annoying to tell each and every person what to do. This isn’t so in NWN. So far, the plot has been very intriguing too. Okay, I’m going back to it now.