King’s Canyon

7/10/04 0:30
The trip up here was great. Riding with David and Herbert was so much fun. We talked about all sorts of things – politics, movies, games, music, guy stuff, and the normal crazy shit.
There was a crazy guy in a white truck who was very mad at us for some reason. He came very close to hitting us, yelled at us, and told us to pull over. We got away from him, but he came back. Then, we exitted the freeway and got back on, and he had waited. Finally, we stopped for lunch.
King’s Canyon is very beautiful. The trees and mountains are gorgeous, there are many rivers, and the stars are stunning. We lied down in the parking lot to look up.
Hanah was here with her mom, her aunt Chrissy, and a pretty, thirteen year old girl named Thea who is Hanah’s cousin. Hanah instructed us not to touch her. She said she’d kill us by throwing us off a cliff if we did. lol.
7/10/04 18:03
We woke up this morning at 7:30 to hike to a small waterfall. It was very beautiful. The pond reminded us of some sort of mana recharge spot. We’re not losers… After getting back, we had english muffins with cheese for breakfast. Then, we hiked along a trail with an amazing view to get to a river. There was a large rock, Muir Rock, which we jumped off of into the river. The water was fucking cold, but I enjoyed jumping many times. We saw another small waterfall, and David peed in the woods (omgzlolz).
Finally, we had ice cream before returning to camp. It’s been a great trip so far.
7/10/04 22:04
On the way up here, Herbert wanted to drive. David said, “I don’t know if i can trust you. You’re kinda stupid.” It’s funny because I know what he means. Today, around the campfire, everbody was trying to get me to do the Donald Duck orgasm. Laurie, Hanah’s mom, and Chrissy, Thea’s mom, wanted to hear it after hearing about it from Hanah, Thea,
Herbert, and David. Laurie said, “my husband’s away. I need to hear orgasmic sounds.” It was pretty funny. I did it eventually.
While discussing males and females, Thea said that a girl could bite the head off while giving head. Everyone shut up. Her mom was angry at her. She should be careful what she says around certain people. She speaks a lot about those subjects for a thirteen year old girl. On a side note, Thea puts make-up on everyday, and she’s wearing red, fuzzy slippers now. That’s pretty cute. She reminded us of the “Plastics” from Mean Girls a bit. She knows about all the cliques at her school, …
7/11/04 2:20
…hangs in a group that trades around boys, and voted people out of their lunch table. She also talked about the losers that play Magic: The Gathering. David’s pretty into MTG, and I used to be as well. She seems popular even though she claims not to be. We’re losers. It’s funny that a girl in middle school can make that so obvious, heh. It’s a good thing I went to CAMS. David’s prom king, hahaha… that just cracks me up. Everybody loves David though. Anyways, she’s very cool though. We all enjoyed spending time with her. I wonder if she thought we were okay or just huge losers. Losers probably =P
At around 10:30 or 11 tonight (Saturday night), we lied down in the street to look at the stars. Thea and Laurie came with us this time. Laurie left around midnight. We came back to camp arount one where we sat in David’s car talking until two. It was a great evening.
7/11/04 14:43
Today we woke up around 10. After eating breakfast, we hung out by the river. We packed up, straightened up the monetary issues, and talked. I also gave WebPageless info to Thea. We’re still in the park now driving out. Herbert’s lying down in the back trying to sleep. And now I’m done writing.
7/11/04 15:59
Y’know, even “civilization” up here is hardly civilized compared to LA. I’ m glad to live where I do.
7/11/04 18:02
We just saw a shirtless, white guy at Arby’s. On the back of his right, upper arm, he had a tatoo that said “white” and on the right, “pride.” It was funny but a bit scary.
The little girl he was with seemed inbred.
7/11/04 21:57
I’m back home now. I got to see just how beautiful nature is this weekend, but also, seeing all the crappy cities on the drive reminds me of how beautiful LA is. Some of those cities couldn’t even name their damn avenues. And the “big” ones had Costcos! When we reached LA, I pointed to the horizon and made note of the beautiful gray sky that marks LA as actual civilization. We also talked about counties one the drive. I used to live in Riverside, now I live in LA, and soon I’ll live in Orange County. I guess if I move to San Diego after college I’ll have lived in all the cool Southern California counties. I wonder if David will do cool shit down in San Diego next year and let me visit.
Man… I’m so sunburnt. Some of the pictures came out pretty well. I’m pleased so far. I’ll put a link to the album in this entry after I post them. Also, I don’t even have “albums” yet. I plan to revise a bit of the WebPageless structure soon. I don’t know when my Internet will be up though. Herbert let me borrow Morrowind and War Craft III.
The whole trip we kept switching between a random RPG fantasy, a Lord of the Rings fantasy, and the World Nation fant… er… uh… reality… We’d also talk about War Craft III heros whenever it got awkward. Funny shit.
Also, Thea has an 18 year old brother named Seth who seems to be a lot like me. Being similar to me… poor guy… el oh el. I’m listening to some Led Zeppelin now. The only CD David had worth listening to in his car was one disc of The Wall by Pink Floyd. He claims the crap belongs to Mike. The Morphine Drip’s performing at a showcase in Newport tomorrow, and I’m going to try to attend. I’m also leaving Thursday for Vegas. I guess mentioning that doesn’t matter because this site isn’t even up right now… and it has nothing to do with the camping trip. If you’ve read the whole entry, I have a question for you. What the hell is the matter with you?
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