Bowling on 7-13

On Monday, Chris stopped by my house with Melissa and Alyson. I decided to go with them to take the girls home. First, we took Alyson home, but she didn’t want to go home so we took Melissa home and then went to Herbert’s house. He was sleeping, but he came out, and we talked for a while on the street. Then Chris took Alyson home. I invited Chris, Alyssa, and Alyson to go bowling with us on Tuesday.
Tuesday, Chris picked me up at my house and then went to Alyssa and Alyson’s house. Alyson wasn’t home so we took Alyssa and went to Gable House. We played with Jaysen and Joseph. Here’s the scores as usual:

Entered Name Real Name 1st Game Score 2nd Game Score
CIV CHRIS Chris 88 55
CIV ALYSSA Alyssa 38 84
SARGE Jaysen 51 53
MAJOR Peter 69 61
COMMANDER Joseph 77 60

After bowling, we went to that Mexican restaurant where I had a couple tacos.We had some trouble sorting money but got it worked out eventually. We walked around a bit, Joseph and I chased a cat, and then Jaysen went home while the rest of us went to the pool hall in Lakewood. It was full so we went back to Chris’s house. Joseph and I used Chris’s bow and arrow while he took Alyssa home. When he got back, the three of us just hung out and talked for a while. Chris had like nothing to drink in his house. I had a Miller Genuine Draft and a French Vanilla Slim-Fast. Slim-Fast sure is a lot better than MGD ^^;; Of course, after this, he finds soda. Makes me sad. But I had a hot pocket so I can’t be too bad. Then we took Joseph home while I distracted Chris by playing music videos and porn on my laptop. Chris seemed to enjoy going super slow because no cars were out. We dropped off Joseph, and then Chris drove back to Long Beach to drop me off. I got in the house around 3:45 at which point I called Dev and we discussed the huge set of lies we’re preparing. I hope the Vegas trip works out.