Hanging Out With Chris, Herbert, and Hanah

Thursday I spent the day with Chris Brine and Herbert. We spent most of our day just hanging out at Chris’s. Michelob is a lot better than MGD. We also split half a bottle of wine or so, which Chris made a cover story for when his parents got home. After walking around the mall for a while, Chris and I found gifts for Alyssa and Alyson. We bought them two glass… rectangular prism thingies… with shapes inside… fish and dolphins… a diary… and something else. I can’t remember. I’m very tired tonight.
Today, Herbert, Chris, and I attempted to intercept Hanah and her way back to Long Beach but failed. We went to her house though and had fun just spending time there. It’s funny how much fun just sitting around with friends is.
Today’s Alyssa and Alyson’s birthday party. And I guess I forgot to mention that my Vegas trip failed. My grandmother overheard my grandfather talking to me and mentioned some of the details in passing to my mother. My mom wasn’t too happy. I’ll still try to go visit them sometime though… maybe a friend who can drive will come up with me.
Chris, Herbert, Hanah, and I also talked about taking a trip to San Diego soon. We’ll see. I’m tired. Sleep soon.