Keen Vorpal Journal Entry Plus 2 of Devastation

I spent the day Tuesday at Melissa’s house with Chris, Mel, and Alyssa… and Mel’s brother Mike too. Wow… those girls are exhausting o.0 And they like to play with water >_>
America’s Next Top Model (or something like that) is filled with ugly chicks. I don’t like those model girls.
Phillipino hostage was released after his president pulled out her troops. Interesting.
Cold War of sorts with China? I like China. Man, screw Taiwan. America’s Summer Pulse 2004 is using “seven aircraft-carrier strike groups, 50 warships, 600 aircraft and 150,000 troops around the globe reported the L.A. Times on Tuesday. It’s one of the largest exercises we’ve done.
I wonder if we’re going to go into Iran next.
Taco Bell is very tasty.
I got my DSL modem in the mail today from Verizon. Service was scheduled to be up by today at the very latest. It wasn’t up. Makes me sad. I don’t really miss the Internet all that much anymore though. lol. Seems strange to feel that way though. I’d really like to have WebPageless up though… and I should probably have access to my e-mail again.
I really need to take care of all that UCI crap.
Alyssa and Alyson’s birthday party was fun despite what they thought of it. Their mom’s… uh… not very nice. >_< 🙁 It was very hot with everyone stuck in one little room sort of held hostage by their mom. I had a dream that Chris's mom was keeping me captive or something. I remember running away, trying to hide. Somehow, if she could find me, she'd be able to take me back. Scary. Chris's mom isn't actually mean or anything. I think this dream came from being exposed to Alyssa's mom. Hah. I've been playing a lot of Dark Alliance lately. Great game. My brother bought his PS2 finally. He got Dark Alliance and Max Payne. I haven't tried Max Payne yet. Mike showed me a game called Tales of Symphonia on GameCube the other day. I only saw a few glimpses of it, but it's very attractive. I want to play it now. I've also been playing Neverwinter Nights, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Love Hina Advance, and P.N. 03. I haven't played a FPS in a long time so playing Blue Shift is pretty cool. I got the final ending of Love Hina Advance yesterday, Motoko. P.N. 03 or Product Number 03 for GameCube is pretty cool. It's a FPS. You play some feminie chick who wears a suit that shoots energy from the palms of her suit. Rather than jump, she flips, and rather than side-step she sort of twirls. The extra girliness of her movements is what makes the game so great I think, lol. There was a low speed chase yesterday. The suspect tried to hand a puppy through the window to a woman while driving away from the police. Interesting. I saw a high speed chase live today around 1:15. It was interesting to watch but nothing special. I haven't talked with Cheryl or Shaun since school got out. I haven't seen Christine, Linh-Nam, Gian, Chris Martinez or Antonio since school got out. I've only seen Alex three times - at his graduation small graduation party, at David's party, and once bowling, I think. I've seen a lot of Jaysen, Herbert, Hanah, David, Joseph, Mike, Chris Brine and Dev though. Percival's birthday is tomorrow. Alex's is Monday. Kristin's is Wednesday. Happy birthday to each of you, although two of you don't read this, one probably won't see this entry, and WebPageless isn't even up. Most people are individually insignificant. It's sad. Good night.