Melissa woke me up a little past 2:00 PM today. I took a shower, and Chris picked me up around 3:30. We went to Mel’s house where we waited for Herbert to pick up Mike. Herbert drove Hanah and Mike, and Chris drove Alyssa, Alyson, Melissa, and myself. When we got there, Joseph, Jennifer Damm, Mike McDaniels, and Jaysen were already there. Herbert got turned around and ended up at LAX. He’s incompetent. I was a little surprised that Jen actually came. It was nice to see her again. We played a game of DDR (I came close to max combo’ing Sobakasu). I also played a game of DDR with some guy I didn’t know. I forgot how much I enjoyed DDR. Fuck… I wish stuff I liked was free.
When Herbert, Hanah, and Mike arrived, we asked for the lanes and waited. Joseph, Jennifer, Alyson, Alyssa, Melissa, and I played on the first lane, and Herbert, McDaniels, Hanah, Jaysen, and Chris played on the second. Mike didn’t want to play. I hadn’t eaten anything that day yet and had hardly eaten the previous day so I ate some beef jerkey I had in my bag. Then, Jen and I split some nachos and a soda. I let the girls do weird things to my hair. They took pictures… I’ll get them eventually. And despite having to struggle with Jennifer and ending up on the floor, I got her hair bands from her!
Lane One

Entered Name Real Name 1st Game Score 2nd Game Score
CDR Joseph



MAJ Peter 68 75
JEN Jennifer 43 75
ALYSON Alyson low 43
ALYSSA Alyssa low 43
MELISSA Melissa low 31

Lane Two

Entered Name Real Name 1st Game Score 2nd Game Score
SUP COMMANDER Herbert 53 61
MICKY D Michael



MEHITABEL Hanah 58 66
SARGE Jaysen 48 63
SARGE CHRIS Chris 65 50

We then headed over to that Mexican restaurant. Chris left with Melissa, Mike, Alyssa, and Alyson. The rest of us ate, and it was tasty. I also spent a lot of time standing around outside acting like a dumb ass and talking about how people were disrespectin’ us and our hood, yo.
Fun times.