Today, Jaysen picked up me and Joseph and got to Gable House by about 3. We waited around for Herbert and Hanah only to find that Herbert was still sleeping. So, the three of us played a game while waiting.

Entered Name Real Name Score
CDR Joseph 79
MAJ Peter 91
SRG Jaysen 65

My old record was 82 so I broke it by 9 that game. After Herbert and Hanah arrived, we played two more games.

Entered Name Real Name 1st Score 2nd Score
CDR Joseph 88 103
MAJ Peter 106 86
SRG Jaysen 54 65
SUP COMMANDER Herbert 60 53
JEWTASTIC Hanah 47 61

Some black dude asked me if he could have my Clie. Then, he offered me $10 for it. Then, he informed that he had one too. Odd. I max combo’d Can’t Stop Falling in Love on standard. Wasn’t really planning on it though.
Then we went to the Del Amo mall followed by the Galleria. I had stuffed spinach and broccoli pizza with a salad. Very tasty. Oh, and a cinabon. I also complained about the amount of good-looking women out and how they shouldn’t tempt me. Some white dude stopped Joseph to tell him that he bent a spoon too. He bent it for some metal class he was taking. It was pretty cool.
“God’s in His Heaven, All’s Right with the World” Word Count: 6085
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