Bill Maher with Hanah

Hanah invited me to see Real Time with Bill Maher with her and her mom. I had a great time. They picked me up around 4, and we proceeded to the studio. Hanah and I walked around Farmer’s Market (eh? yeah?) for a while before rushing back to the studio only to find that we didn’t need to, heh. The guests on the show were Michael Moore, former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, Gov. Bill Owens of Colorado, Rep. David Dreir, Ralph Nader, and Andre 3000.
First, I want to say how much I dislike Andre 3000 of Outkast. He’s a fuckin’ dumb ass. Bill Maher kept trying to get him to seem… alive… but failed. “Uh… you think they were being racist towards Al Sharpton? Hm… yeah I guess that does sort of make me really mad a little maybe I guess.” Perhaps I’m paraphrasing. I’ve lost what little respect I had for Outkast. Only black person on the show… way to make your race look good, fool, lol. Bill Maher was pretty funny and generally witty although he didn’t know what to say to Governor Bill Owens once. He just sort of stammered, but it wasn’t due to the Gov. making a great point or anything of the sort. Dreir said something about Kerry flip-flopping when it came to issues and later said that he’d make Moore a republican. Moore asked if that would make him a flip-flopper, which was pretty damn funny at the time. He’s very intelligent and speaks well. Dreir also tried criticizing Fahrenheit 9/11 but when Moore asked him if he had seen it, he had to respond that he hadn’t. Both republicans, the congressman and governor, didn’t seem to make any good points in my opinion. That seems a little strange to me because I know I have some right-wing opinions, but I guess issues were never really brought up. It was more about people. I liked Campbell as well. It was funny and interesting when she talked about Canada’s system and its benefits. I also liked how she talked about how a good leader needs the reflexes to react and implied that Bush lacked them. Nader didn’t really make any good points, but Maher and Moore got down on their knees and begged him not to run, which was pretty funny. At the end, balloons were released and someone was cussing about how there weren’t enough balloons. Of course, there was a bit more cussing than there was at the convention.
I had never seen Real Time (no cable), but I really enjoyed it.
Afterwards, we went out to eat. I had a very tasty open-faced hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cranberry sauce. We then went back to Hanah’s house where we watched the show on TV. After it aired and was recorded, we went back and watched in slow-motion to find us. We did. Good times.
Thanks for inviting me Hanah! Good show, good company.