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A guy named Dwayne calls me tonight, saying that he’s a friend of Michael’s. I inquire as to which one, and he says Michael Wandrey. He’s the little brother of Melissa, a girl I know through Chris Brine. Anyways, Dwayne confirms that I went to CAMS and that I went to Cabrillo High School for Spanish in the summer after freshman year, and it’s then that I realize he was a guy I hung out with in that class. It’s been a long time. Apparently Mike and Melissa were talking about me, and he figured it was the same Peter. He asked if I talked openly about porn and stuff, and when he got an affirmative answer, he was convinced it was me.
I hardly know Mike and Melissa… I was shocked to hear from Dwayne again. He told me a little about two other guys I knew from the class. One got into gang life, and the other moved away. Dwayne injured his spine in an attempt to do a trick on rollerblades. It’s really changed his life. He was in a coma, had memory loss, and was in the hospital for a year in a half. He’s going to school now, and he seems to be doing well academically. Hopefully, I’ll hang out with him next week or something.

Gravitation OVA

The Gravitation OVA was crap compared to the main series. It doesn’t really fit with the rest of the series, the animation isn’t as good, and it didn’t really make as much sense (some translation errors, probably). I believe it was made before the series so it worked well to give a taste of the series, I guess. It just… I dunno… oh well.

Zypher on Dorm Life

[8/30][08:43:13] <@Zypher> after the dorms were open for 4 days, there had been at least 1 person who threw up due to alcohol, 1 case of alcohol poisoning, a group of guys who tried to hold fight club, and one of the elevators got broken
[8/30][08:43:24] <@Zypher> thats just in my dorm
[8/30][09:07:28] <@TU> More importantly, what have you done?
[8/30][09:12:25] <@Zypher> nothing that stupid
[8/30][09:15:51] <@TU> You should cast spells on them. And stuff.
[8/30][09:26:28] <@Zypher> things without an intelligence score are immune to mind effecting spells
[8/30][09:26:50] <@TU> actually laughing out loud


Chris came over tonight. He gave me a bottle of cologne that’s almost empty. We went to Alyssa’s house, stayed for a couple minutes, left her there, dropped Mel off at her house, and then Chris took me home. Yay. I left the house for like… a half hour.


I’ve had some trouble burning lately. Nero crashes at 99% every time I burn a disc. And it angers me. I’ve wasted five or so DVDs this past week. I used Cheetah DVD Burner last night to burn a disc, and that worked. I’d really like to fucking use Nero though. I don’t know.


You are most like Shindou Shuichi! You’re easy to love, and everyone does, but you can sometimes be high maitenance. You brighten the days of everyone you meet with your friendly personality and you’re lucky to have so many people who care about you like they do.
It’s Gravitation! Who are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You’re fiercely loyal to the people that matter the most to you – no matter how unusual they turn out to be. You’re gifted, smart and can play one mean instrument, but you’re fairly good at pranks if you have the mind to. You have principles to uphold, and you stick by them when the going gets tough. You’re the ideal concept of a best friend – and most times you don’t even know it.
Which Gravitation Character Are You?

On a related note, a quiz I took said I was uke ^^;


I had a dream that I went to a magic shop (actual magic) with a group of friends. Then, we went to some school. We ran into this group of people who hated us. Robby, who was with us, said something, and a guy from the other group made fun of him. I punched up, and we started fighting. Then, someone else from my group fought another guy from the other group. Some woman blew a whistle and looked at us. I stood up, pulled the guy I was fighting up, and told him to tell her that he was okay. He did. Then, I commanded a girl from the other group to pick up the other guy, her friend, and have him do the same. She did, and the guy complied. I then noticed how hot the girl was. I told her, and she responded by telling me that she was thirteen. I sort of got confused, and then woke up.

Dominic Deegan

I found a very good web comic called Dominic Deegan. It’s updated everyday except Sundays. It’s very amusing, and has a lot of character development. Dominic Deegan is a seer who is able to see the future through the use of visions. It’s set in a fantasy world with knights, magic, and self-centered talking cat. Check it out.

Linh-Nam, The Block, Starbucks

I went to the Block in Orange with Linh-Nam yesterday. We walked around for a bit and then found a concert being set up. It was the Orance County Music Academy, a school that teaches vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. It basically consisted of a bunch of kids playing rock music. Most of the kids weren’t very good, but were still good enough to produce enjoyable music. They opened with a group of 7 year old girls performing Get This Party Started. Ball and Chain was played rather nicely. It’s funny to hear little boys with high voices singing parts meant for men with much lower voices. There was this large… okay, fat… ugly white girl that was wearing a bunch of like punk crap. Her name was Joanna, I think. I hate it when girls think they’re cute and cool when they dress like dumb asses, conforming to nonconformity or something. She was the singer of her group, and she sand “Hella Good.” The announcer said that “Gwen Stefani has nothing Joanna.” What the hell is that suppose to mean? Sorry, girls like that just annoy me. They actually sounded good for what instruments they had, but it didn’t really sound like the original.
After listening for a couple hours, we went to Starbucks where Nam’s friend Amy works. We sat, drank, and talked for a couple more hours. Amy seems pretty cool. On the way home, we stopped by Taco Bell. Then, Linh-Nam watched some tv at my house until a little past 11.
Oh, and I almost forgot. While on the freeway, a car stopped in front of us due to traffic. Linh-Nam slammed on the brakes but still hit her. It wasn’t a big collision or anything. The two bolts on his plate put two small “puncture wounds” on her bumper. Of course, the bitch still wants to pursue him paying for a new bumper. I’d just overlook something like that. I mean, your car still works completely, right? And it wasn’t a new or impressive looking car or anything. On the plus side, she was wearing a cute skirt.

Linh-Nam on Chicken Eggs

[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: if you throw a chicken
[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: that has an egg in it
[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: that didnt come out yet
[08/28-01:30] TheUser: ow
[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: would the egg squash?
[08/28-01:30] TheUser: I dunno
[08/28-01:30] TheUser: >_>

Chris on Acclaim

[08/27-14:41] Chris Martinez: Oh crap, Acclaim is gone
[08/27-14:41] TheUser: what happened?
[08/27-14:41] Chris Martinez: bankrupt
[08/27-14:41] TheUser: 🙁
[08/27-14:41] Chris Martinez: 🙂
[08/27-14:41] Chris Martinez: they didn’t make any good games
[08/27-14:42] TheUser: They made a Mary Kate & Ashley game!
[08/27-14:42] Chris Martinez: hahaha
[08/27-14:43] Chris Martinez: well those can always be published by someone else
[08/27-14:43] TheUser: NO
[08/27-14:43] TheUser: 🙁
[08/27-14:43] TheUser: It won’t be the same man!
[08/27-14:43] Chris Martinez: BUT THATS BECAUSE THEY AGE
[08/27-14:43] Chris Martinez: THEY AGE MAN
[08/27-14:43] TheUser: yeah
[08/27-14:43] Chris Martinez: NO MORE SWEET 16 GAMES :(((
[08/27-14:43] TheUser: Yeah you’re right
[08/27-14:43] TheUser: so sad
[08/27-14:43] Chris Martinez: Now it’s GTA:Twin Crackwhores starring Mary Kate and Ashley
[08/27-14:44] Chris Martinez: …that’s actually not a bad idea

Doom 3

Doom 3 is a great game. It looks outstanding, and I’m playing it in low quality. It feels very similar to the original Dooms. Doom 3 has plot, a flashlight, a soulcube, and a better game engine. Other than that, it’s just like the old ones. That’s not a bad thing. It’s very good. It’s a great game and is very fun but already seems a bit tedious. Shoot some stuff, search for a pda, shoot some stuff, go on to the next room, shoot some stuff, search for a pda, shoot some stuff, go on to the next room. I’m actually not sure if I’ll finish it anytime soon. However, I think every gamer needs to give Doom 3 a whirl.

Unreal Tournament 2004

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while.
Unreal Tournament 2004 is a great game. It plays fine with just about everything visual maxed. The game plays and feel just like Unreal Tournament. It looks great, sounds great, and is a lot of fun. What’s new from UT (I haven’t played UT2003) are teams and credits. Every match has an entry fee and a prize. Also, you must hire team members to fight on your side. New team members may be acquired by challenging other teams. It’s pretty cool.
I have ran into a problem with the game. It seems to take about 20 minutes to load a map. My HDD access lights stop, and the game basically freezes. At this time, I am also unable to alt-tab out. Once the map loads, the game plays fine. However, the second map I play won’t load at all. I have to quit and reopen the game. Of course, this makes it so I don’t play very often. I don’t know what’s causing this glitch.

Linh-Nam on Pants

[08/26-20:46] Linh-nam: WHAT
[08/26-20:46] TheUser: ?
[08/26-20:46] Linh-nam: THRER ARE NO MORE CLEAN PANTS
[08/26-20:47] TheUser: OR PLATES
[08/26-20:47] TheUser: T_T
[08/26-20:47] Linh-nam: TIME TO SCAVANGE DRYER
[08/26-21:02] Linh-nam: pants are still drying
[08/26-21:02] Linh-nam: T_T
[08/26-21:02] TheUser: yay for dry pants
[08/26-21:04] Linh-nam: PANTS ARENT DRY YET
[08/26-21:05] TheUser: yay for dry pants
[08/26-21:05] Linh-nam: I WILL YAY WHEN THEY ARE DRY
[08/26-21:05] TheUser: yay
[08/26-21:05] TheUser: do you need pants if you’re in the house? I don’t have any pants >_>
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: i like wearing pants
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: when im pantless i feel lost
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: zomg
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: and then i dont want to get dirty
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: since i dont have pants on
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: it’s like a taco
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: waste of a shower
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: Hm
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: that’s funny actually
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: I think the other way arond
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: around
[08/26-21:06] Linh-nam: pants make you dirty?
[08/26-21:06] TheUser: I don’t want to get my clothes dirty if I’m not around other people so I keep then clean until I need to
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: pants make me clean
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: I make pants dirty
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: lol
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: lol
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: i have home pants
[08/26-21:07] Linh-nam: which i dont wear outside
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: ah… interesting
[08/26-21:07] TheUser: go look at latest webpageless post
[08/26-21:08] Linh-nam: better not be about me being pantless…
[08/26-21:08] TheUser: not yet


I dedicate this entry to Herbert.
Here is an excerpt from a Gaia Online post titled “Examination of American otaku 18.0 Types X,Y,&Z added.”
Type I . . . The Stalker. This type is less focused on animated series and comics than he/she is focused on actors/actresses/singers. Do you know your favorite singer’s birthday? The Stalker knows. Do you know where your favorite actor attended high school? The Stalker knows. Do you know what made your favorite actress decide to become an actress? The Stalker knows. Do you dig through their trash just to have something that was theirs to have and to hold and to hug and to save and to permanently tie you to your favorite star? The Stalker does. Are you the most dangerous person alive to your favorite star? The Stalker is.
And here’s another interesting post, “Japan: A nice place to visit . . .

Zot Bill, Transcripts

I thought I received a bill from UCI today, but it was actually just a notice that after fees were taken from my grants, I have money left in my account.
I also got a call from Denise Earley today about my transcripts. She just received them, and after reviewing what courses I enrolled it, confirmed that I picked all the correct classes.


I just finished cleaning my computer. I went through and removed old folders, links, files, uninstalled programs I don’t want, and sync’ed my private, shared, mIRC, and Trillian folders with my external hard drive. I also moved data I don’t need on my internal HDD to my external, and I moved my high school work back to my internal. Ad-aware had some trouble, but finished cleaning, and NAV finished successfully, too. Yay.

Aishiteru ze Baby through 19

A new character, Miki, was introduced at the end of episode 17. It was a good time to do so. She spices up the show by adding a new bit of drama. There are a lot of different characters and sub-plots now, and thoe show is able to adequately support all. Episode 19 ends with a cliff-hanger. Now I wait for 20.


Gravitation is a really good series. It’s about a young man named Shuichi who’s in a new band called Bad Luck. While in a park, Shuichi drops a piece of paper with the lyrics to one of his songs on it. A man picks them up and tells Shuichi that they’re horrible. Shuichi learns that his name is Yuki and falls in love with him. There are a lot of twists of plot and emotion, and it’s surprising how many people are connected to each other.
The style of the show is very fun. It’s very serious sometimes, but also switches to a cartoonish style for parts. Shuichi and Ryuichi both act cute and childish at times, which is very amusing. Characters wear bunny, dog, luggage, cans and many other types of costumes. Very strange. Character development for Shuichi and Yuki is good. Most other characters don’t actually develop, but information about them is released that’s vital to the plot.
The ending is a little ambiguous, and parts of the plot move too fast. In one episode Shuichi falls in love, realizes he’s in love, realizes it’s okay to love a male, and kisses Yuki. Nevertheless, the show is very good.

David’s House

David woke me up yesterday afternoon with a phone call, requesting that I come over to LAN. He picked me up, we stopped by Herbert’s to pick something up, and then we went to Jack-in-a-Box. His cousin Will was over, and we played WarCraft III Lord of the Rings Hero Siege. After I died, I played Doom 3 while they played for a long time, lol. Around 6:30, David drove me home after stopping by Herbert’s again. He said he might want to do something today as well, but I don’t know if I’m going to be up for it.


Herbert was going to take me to Gable House today, but his mom held him back until six. I went with Jaysen. Jaysen, Joseph, and I bowled, and Jennifer hung out with us. The scores are as follows:

Name Entered Name Score 1 Score 2 Score 3
Joseph CDR 113 111 161
Peter MAJ 62 95 74
Jaysen SRG 48 56 97

Then, we played DDR, and I sucked. Jennifer beat Joseph in Need for Speed GT, I beat Jaysen, and then Jennifer beat me.
At dinner, Alex and Herbert joined us. Afterwards, we went back to Gable House. I played DDR with Herbert, sucking again, and then, we went back to Need for Speed GT. Jennifer beat Herbert, but I beat Jennifer this time.
Herbert wanted to go to some World War II store, but it was closed. We then went to Joseph’s to hang out in his parking lot before finally returning home.


[08/23-20:10] Linh-nam: lol
[08/23-20:11] Linh-nam: the cantonese version of ymca is lolz
[08/23-20:11] TheUser: Send
[08/23-20:11] TheUser: send
[08/23-20:11] Linh-nam:
[08/23-20:12] TheUser: wtf
[08/23-20:12] Linh-nam: …
[08/23-20:12] Linh-nam: lol
[08/23-20:13] TheUser: w…t…f…
[08/23-20:15] TheUser: Amazing


Yesterday consisted of worrying about crazy Herbert and chatting on AIM. Chris M.’s brother was busy today so I didn’t do anything with Chris. Gian came over this afternoon, and we talked for a while. After he left, I played Vice City for much of the day. My mom dropped James off, and she and I talked in her car for a while. Dad bought KFC for dinner, which was tasty. And now there are WN members on so I will go chat.


Ahahaha I’m very happy.
I spent a while this morning working on a new site. Joseph wanted to be able to post on WebPageless so I sort of made him his own blog. He didn’t ask for one but… yeah. It’s here. Joseph, if you’re reading this, you can post messages basically the same way I explained to you earlier. Use the same address as well. Anyways, since I was spending so much time in MT, I decided to work on my no entry_id error when commenting.
I looked through some google results and found that it had to do with the CGI location in the mt.cfg file. I had a address in there, but it seems that mt-comments.cgi doesn’t like redirection. I changed it and things got better. Sure, instead of appears at the bottom of the screen while the comment is being processed, but that’s not such a big deal. But after adding a comment, the page didn’t rebuild correctly.
It was rebuilding using my “Total” template, which is the one that I reference using SSI on the archive page. It’s simply a list of categories, with links to each category page. The entry would update to that. I fooled around with it for a long time, and it seems to be working now.
I think it’s because I got to see Garden State.
Alright, it’s time for bed.

Garden State

Garden State was a brilliant film. Zach Braff, J.D. from Scrubs, is writer, director, and star of the film. Zach Braff plays Andrew Largeman, a man who returns home after nine years for his mother’s funeral. Largeman has been on very powerful antidepressants since a young age and for the first time, has stopped taking them. With the medications, he was numb to most emotions. Now, for the first time in his adult life, he’s living life as himself. The film is of him finding himself and finding his love.
Parts of the movie were kind of sappy, but I like these types of romances. The script was very good, there were many great scenes, and the camera angle choices were superb. The music chosen was excellent, and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for a few days now.
Zach Braff did very well with as writing and directing debut, and I look forward to seeing more of his work.