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A guy named Dwayne calls me tonight, saying that he’s a friend of Michael’s. I inquire as to which one, and he says Michael Wandrey. He’s the little brother of Melissa, a girl I know through Chris Brine. Anyways, Dwayne confirms that I went to CAMS and that I went to Cabrillo High School for Spanish in the summer after freshman year, and it’s then that I realize he was a guy I hung out with in that class. It’s been a long time. Apparently Mike and Melissa were talking about me, and he figured it was the same Peter. He asked if I talked openly about porn and stuff, and when he got an affirmative answer, he was convinced it was me.
I hardly know Mike and Melissa… I was shocked to hear from Dwayne again. He told me a little about two other guys I knew from the class. One got into gang life, and the other moved away. Dwayne injured his spine in an attempt to do a trick on rollerblades. It’s really changed his life. He was in a coma, had memory loss, and was in the hospital for a year in a half. He’s going to school now, and he seems to be doing well academically. Hopefully, I’ll hang out with him next week or something.

Gravitation OVA

The Gravitation OVA was crap compared to the main series. It doesn’t really fit with the rest of the series, the animation isn’t as good, and it didn’t really make as much sense (some translation errors, probably). I believe it was made before the series so it worked well to give a taste of the series, I guess. It just… I dunno… oh well.

Zypher on Dorm Life

[8/30][08:43:13] <@Zypher> after the dorms were open for 4 days, there had been at least 1 person who threw up due to alcohol, 1 case of alcohol poisoning, a group of guys who tried to hold fight club, and one of the elevators got broken
[8/30][08:43:24] <@Zypher> thats just in my dorm
[8/30][09:07:28] <@TU> More importantly, what have you done?
[8/30][09:12:25] <@Zypher> nothing that stupid
[8/30][09:15:51] <@TU> You should cast spells on them. And stuff.
[8/30][09:26:28] <@Zypher> things without an intelligence score are immune to mind effecting spells
[8/30][09:26:50] <@TU> actually laughing out loud


Chris came over tonight. He gave me a bottle of cologne that’s almost empty. We went to Alyssa’s house, stayed for a couple minutes, left her there, dropped Mel off at her house, and then Chris took me home. Yay. I left the house for like… a half hour.


I’ve had some trouble burning lately. Nero crashes at 99% every time I burn a disc. And it angers me. I’ve wasted five or so DVDs this past week. I used Cheetah DVD Burner last night to burn a disc, and that worked. I’d really like to fucking use Nero though. I don’t know.


You are most like Shindou Shuichi! You’re easy to love, and everyone does, but you can sometimes be high maitenance. You brighten the days of everyone you meet with your friendly personality and you’re lucky to have so many people who care about you like they do.
It’s Gravitation! Who are you?
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You’re fiercely loyal to the people that matter the most to you – no matter how unusual they turn out to be. You’re gifted, smart and can play one mean instrument, but you’re fairly good at pranks if you have the mind to. You have principles to uphold, and you stick by them when the going gets tough. You’re the ideal concept of a best friend – and most times you don’t even know it.
Which Gravitation Character Are You?

On a related note, a quiz I took said I was uke ^^;


I had a dream that I went to a magic shop (actual magic) with a group of friends. Then, we went to some school. We ran into this group of people who hated us. Robby, who was with us, said something, and a guy from the other group made fun of him. I punched up, and we started fighting. Then, someone else from my group fought another guy from the other group. Some woman blew a whistle and looked at us. I stood up, pulled the guy I was fighting up, and told him to tell her that he was okay. He did. Then, I commanded a girl from the other group to pick up the other guy, her friend, and have him do the same. She did, and the guy complied. I then noticed how hot the girl was. I told her, and she responded by telling me that she was thirteen. I sort of got confused, and then woke up.

Dominic Deegan

I found a very good web comic called Dominic Deegan. It’s updated everyday except Sundays. It’s very amusing, and has a lot of character development. Dominic Deegan is a seer who is able to see the future through the use of visions. It’s set in a fantasy world with knights, magic, and self-centered talking cat. Check it out.

Linh-Nam, The Block, Starbucks

I went to the Block in Orange with Linh-Nam yesterday. We walked around for a bit and then found a concert being set up. It was the Orance County Music Academy, a school that teaches vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. It basically consisted of a bunch of kids playing rock music. Most of the kids weren’t very good, but were still good enough to produce enjoyable music. They opened with a group of 7 year old girls performing Get This Party Started. Ball and Chain was played rather nicely. It’s funny to hear little boys with high voices singing parts meant for men with much lower voices. There was this large… okay, fat… ugly white girl that was wearing a bunch of like punk crap. Her name was Joanna, I think. I hate it when girls think they’re cute and cool when they dress like dumb asses, conforming to nonconformity or something. She was the singer of her group, and she sand “Hella Good.” The announcer said that “Gwen Stefani has nothing Joanna.” What the hell is that suppose to mean? Sorry, girls like that just annoy me. They actually sounded good for what instruments they had, but it didn’t really sound like the original.
After listening for a couple hours, we went to Starbucks where Nam’s friend Amy works. We sat, drank, and talked for a couple more hours. Amy seems pretty cool. On the way home, we stopped by Taco Bell. Then, Linh-Nam watched some tv at my house until a little past 11.
Oh, and I almost forgot. While on the freeway, a car stopped in front of us due to traffic. Linh-Nam slammed on the brakes but still hit her. It wasn’t a big collision or anything. The two bolts on his plate put two small “puncture wounds” on her bumper. Of course, the bitch still wants to pursue him paying for a new bumper. I’d just overlook something like that. I mean, your car still works completely, right? And it wasn’t a new or impressive looking car or anything. On the plus side, she was wearing a cute skirt.

Linh-Nam on Chicken Eggs

[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: if you throw a chicken
[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: that has an egg in it
[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: that didnt come out yet
[08/28-01:30] TheUser: ow
[08/28-01:30] Linh-nam: would the egg squash?
[08/28-01:30] TheUser: I dunno
[08/28-01:30] TheUser: >_>